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Managing mashed content

Alfresco aims to bring Web 2.0 and ECM together. For most businesses, large or small, the most common approach to providing content management is to use a shared F: drive across the network. This is despite the fact that there are many content management tools available on the market.

Alfresco ECM, With a Dash of Web 2.0

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has always been about managing and connecting to content. Open source startup Alfresco is taking the ECM model a step further with the help of Web 2.0 approaches for the Alfresco Community Release 2.1.

Open Source Series: John Powell

For the fourth installment in the Open Source CEO Series, I walked over to the next virtual cubicle of John Powell, CEO and Co-founder of Alfresco.

Ingres steers Icebreaker to BI, ECM

Ingres Corp. will take different approaches to supporting soft appliances that combine its database with applications from JasperSoft Corp. and Alfresco Software Inc.

CEOs Weigh in on Latest IDC Open Source Research

Last Thursday, IDC announced estimates that revenue from standalone open source software will reach $5.8 billion by 2011. In other words, according to Matt Lawton, program director of IDC's Open Source Software Business Models research program, the market is still immature ($1.8 billion in 2006) -...

Open Source may be cheap - but we still want support

A panel of customers at the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) in San Francisco today agreed unanimously that open source enable them to kick-start projects they could otherwise not afford.

Adobe Flexes Open Source Muscles

In a move expected to garner applause from web developers and skepticism from analysts, Adobe announced they will release portions of the next version of the Flex SDK under the Mozilla Public License (MPL).

The rise of Alfresco: ECM that people will really use

A new enterprise content management system started with the bright idea of working like a shared drive for Windows clients. Add open source robustness, and Alfresco has some happy users on their hands.

Alfresco named as enterprise software company to watch

From business intelligence to CRM, from scheduling and e-procurement to database management and data governance, there is no shortage of enterprise applications available to help businesses make their processes more efficient. Choosing can be difficult, however: Do you go open source? Software-as-a...