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Alfresco Adds iGoogle Access to Social Computing Platform

Creates Google Gadgets for Internal and External Content Mashup in the Workplace

LONDON - December 4, 2007 – Alfresco Software, Inc., today announced the launch of Alfresco Enterprise Google Gadgets for ECM, which lets business users manage, create and edit enterprise content with traditional enterprise control from within their iGoogle homepage, and combine internal and external content and services. A preview will be made immediately available for download and to the 30,000 members of the Alfresco Content Community.

A new generation of knowledge workers uses internal and external content, services and networks as if they were one. To perform better in their job they are bringing external tools and services from the home into the office. This is driving enterprises to re-evaluate their strategy on content, services and user driven tools for knowledge worker productivity.

iGoogle supports the use of specially developed gadgets to display content on a user's home page. The gadgets are interactive mini-applications that can be placed anywhere on the user’s desktop and used to search and deliver a wide array of personalized information. Google Gadgets can be created by Google, as well as by third-party developers, using Google’s Application Programming Interface (API). Alfresco’s Enterprise Google Gadgets provide iGoogle corporate users with access to Alfresco’s powerful ECM capabilities, enabling portal-based mashup of content from both internal and external sources.

Initially, Alfresco has developed three easy-to-use Enterprise Google Gadgets to enable users to mashup enterprise content. These are:

  • Search – Document and content search>
  • Space browser – Document library for browsing spaces (folders), creating and editing content
  • My Tasks – Enables workflow task management, attachments and task filtering

“Alfresco Enterprise Google Gadgets enable users to leverage Alfresco’s ECM capabilities and tools from within their iGoogle home page. This continues our focus on enabling users to mashup internal and external content, services and tools using an open approach and open standards,” commented John Newton, CTO and co-founder, Alfresco Software. “The Gadgets were developed in a matter of days using Alfresco’s Web Scripts technology, which provides a rapid application development approach based on a Web-oriented REST-style API. Older SOA approaches would have taken much longer to develop this type of integration.”

Alfresco will be among the first organizations to implement Alfresco Enterprise Google Gadgets for ECM, letting more than 30,000 Alfresco Content Community members access the Alfresco Content Community Web site via iGoogle.

Alfresco Enterprise Google Gadgets will also be available as part of Alfresco’s new Social Computing Platform (see accompanying news release).

To download Alfresco Enterprise Google Gadgets, please visit

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