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Alfresco Debuts Alfresco Add-ons Market

One-Stop Shop for Custom Alfresco Add-ons for Twitter, YouTube, Yammer and More

London, 29 February 2012Alfresco, the open platform for social content management, today announced the availability of Alfresco Add-ons. The Add-ons marketplace is a large collection of customizations and extensions for the Alfresco platform contributed by the company's global developer community. The new market is designed to be a one-stop shop for Alfresco users looking to extend the functionality of Alfresco with pre-built modules.

Alfresco Add-ons make it dead simple for users to customize the content collaboration experience within Alfresco. Popular add-ons at launch include Twitter, Yammer, Flickr and YouTube dashlets for social business collaboration, as well as powerful integrations with Google Analytics, Jive, and Open Calais to give developers the ability to better manage the Alfresco platform and quickly integrate existing IT systems.

Within the marketplace itself, users can instantly provide comments and ratings on add-ons so that others can find apps easily and determine whether or not a particular add-on meets their requirements. Each catalog entry provides information about the Add-on including a description of functionality, which version of Alfresco it runs on and licensing information.

"The Alfresco Add-ons Marketplace showcases the innovation that is happening in the vibrant Alfresco developer community," said Jeff Potts, Chief Community Officer at Alfresco. "Businesses are looking for content management and collaboration software that is easily molded to suit their unique work styles. Alfresco Add-ons now gives them one place to find modules that they can plug-in to Alfresco, much like plug-ins for Gmail or popular browsers. This flexibility and extensibility ensures that employees are provided with the right tools to do great work."

At launch the marketplace already offers over 100 add-ons that extend and integrate Alfresco functionality as well as tie into popular web services and technologies. In addition, users can locate Alfresco developer resources, official documentation and guides to getting started developing with Alfresco.

The Alfresco Add-ons market will replace Alfresco Forge, the former home of early add-on contributions from the community, which is no longer accepting new projects.

"There are a lot of great projects in Alfresco Forge. Our hope is that by transitioning active projects to more widely-used code hosting solution like Google Code or SourceForge, and then listing those projects in the Alfresco Add-ons market, the projects will become more visible and broadly deployed while the developers will get a better toolset for managing their project," said Potts.

Some of the most noteworthy apps, extensions and dashlets at launch include:

  • Twitter Dashlets
  • YouTube Dashlet
  • Yammer Dashlet
  • Flickr Dashlet
  • Site Geotagged Content Dashlet using Google Maps
  • BBC Weather Dashlet
  • Gallery Dashlet

In addition, the latest release of Alfresco Community 4 includes an optional feed displayed in the Alfresco Share dashboard that features the newest Add-ons available, with more closely integrated functionality with the Alfresco platform to become a reality in the near future.

This announcement comes on the heels of Alfresco's Enterprise 4 launch, which signaled Alfresco's turn toward the cloud, social content collaboration, enhanced mobile access to make Alfresco a truly multi-tenant cloud collaboration service.

Alfresco Add-ons continue to bolster the already vibrant open source developer community that has been the hallmark of Alfresco's history and tradition. Users can begin leveraging Alfresco Add-ons immediately with registration required only for commenting and rating. Add-on developers must register to add their project to the catalog.

To download the add-ons, or to learn more, please visit:

About Alfresco:
Alfresco is how great businesses share, organize and protect their content. Alfresco's community includes thousands of customers, partners and developers in 55 countries across the globe.

Founded in 2005, Alfresco is headquartered in London, with US headquarters in Atlanta.

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