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Alfresco Launches First Enterprise Application for Facebook

Alfresco ECM Enables Facebook for Collaboration and Publishing

LONDON – November 14, 2007 – Alfresco Software, Inc., today announced the integration of Alfresco with Facebook to deliver a platform for developing content-centric applications. This integration makes publishing content to Facebook as controlled and effective as publishing to a corporate Web site. The Alfresco Enterprise Content Network application, which is built on this framework, enables collaboration and makes secure, audited, sharing of content in Facebook as simple as sharing a photo.

Employees are increasingly communicating on social-networking platforms – outside the control of the corporate IT department. Corporations must choose either to ban social software use or to harness the potential to communicate more effectively with their community of customers, partners and employees. A recent McKinsey survey reported that 37 percent of large enterprise IT respondents are currently funding social networking projects.

From an enterprise perspective, organizations must have the ability to publish to a Facebook audience as effectively as to a Web site audience. From an employee perspective, forward-looking enterprises believe that social networking provides a ready-made knowledge-management platform for their workers, which will increase adoption rates to the levels that knowledge management was always meant to achieve.

Alfresco has integrated the Facebook platform, allowing enterprise content to be uploaded and shared with customers and employees in a controlled, secure and audited way. New platform functionality includes:

  • Application registration
  • Facebook authorization and single sign-on
  • FBML support
  • Facebook model support

The Alfresco integration with Facebook provides a platform for employees to access and utilize organizational information effectively with tools they know and like. In a secure environment users can:

  • Upload documents
  • View My Documents, All Documents or Recently Added Documents
  • View documents from colleagues and friends through the Facebook news feed

“While social networking Web sites have typically been perceived as attractive to a predominately younger consumer market, if leveraged properly, these services may provide the enterprise market with a potentially powerful and cost-effective solution to its collaboration and content management needs,” said Nicole Engelbert, lead analyst, Vertical Markets Technology, Datamonitor.

Facebook itself has encouraged the use of its Web site for the enterprise. Some of the larger networks on Facebook include Apple, Morgan Stanley, PricewaterhouseCoopers UK, Deloitte and the US Marine Corps. Last May, Facebook formally launched the Facebook Platform, a custom markup language and a set of open application programming interfaces (APIs). The goal was to position Facebook as the best foundation for incorporating social features into a wide variety of applications, including those aimed at business users. Alfresco is the first software vendor to take advantage of the platform for an enterprise application. The productivity of the Alfresco integration with Facebook for developing content-centric applications is demonstrated by the basic application being defined in nine lines of code.

“With Facebook, companies can engage with their customers, partners and employees to share social connections as well as content, and track what is going on in the enterprise,” said John Newton, CTO of Alfresco Software. “For example, our new ECM-enabled access to Facebook lets an organization take the latest news or catalog information from inside the corporation and easily publish it both internally and externally to keep stakeholders informed.”

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