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Alfresco Launches Rapid Web Site Development Tool

Alfresco Web Studio delivers easy, user-driven site design, development, and collaboration

LONDON—January 21, 2009 — Alfresco Software, Inc. today announced the availability of Alfresco Web Studio a visual, drag-and-drop designer for building web sites with the Alfresco Surf platform. Using Alfresco Web Studio, business users can quickly create custom web sites while leveraging the strengths of the Alfresco Web Content Management (WCM) runtime and repository. Alfresco Web Studio is available as part of the new Alfresco Labs 3d release and can be downloaded at

Alfresco Web Studio broadens the ability for more people inside a company to build sites and web pages with a drag-and-drop visual editing tool. Users can browse a library of Alfresco Web Components and visually assemble their web experience, rapidly building web site's pages, navigation structure, templates, and presentation layout. Web components snap into web site pages through simple drag-and-drop interactions. The benefit of this approach is that business users have the flexibility to rapidly develop web sites in collaboration with colleagues while content is managed in a robust enterprise scale repository with secure editing, approvals, deployment, and audit of content creation and modification.

Alfresco’s WCM solution now incorporates the following three elements:

  • Alfresco WCM - an enterprise-class content creation platform and repository;
  • Alfresco Surf - a web application and site assembly framework for developers; and,
  • Alfresco Web Studio - a graphical design and site assembly tool for business users.

In addition to simple, rapid development and deployment, Alfresco Web Studio supports business user driven site development in the following ways:

  • Project Control and Autonomy: Enables freedom for business users to test, experiment and deploy, avoiding technical resource bottlenecks;
  • Enterprise Scale Content Repository Support: A robust back-end architecture to avoid scalability, growth, management, and compliance issues as the sites develop and expand;
  • Configurable Web Components: Pre-built configurable components to build a web site (such as html, image, list, and navigation components). The open gadget architecture enables other open source and open-standards vendor components to be consumed and provisioned. For example all Google Gadgets can be used as components; and,
  • Collaborative Site Design and Management: An open system to build multiple pages and sites with multiple contributors maximizing opportunities for content re-use and collaboration.

“Alfresco has always recognized the value of providing a solution combining both a Content Production System (CPS) and Presentation Management System (PMS). Initially our focus was on implementing the CPS and now with the launch of Web Studio we are able to deliver PMS functionality to the Alfresco WCM platform,” said John Newton, CTO of Alfresco Software. “Alfresco Web Studio puts the full-breadth of Alfresco Collaboration, Document Management, and Web Content Management functionality at users fingertips. It also opens the doors for Web Component provisioning from other open source and open-standards vendors such as Google Gadgets.”

Alfresco has seen major adoption of its open source ECM system throughout the world. Alfresco Labs is designed to be the research “Community Lab” for new features, enabling developers to access a nightly build with the latest functionality. There have been over 1.5 million downloads of Alfresco Labs. The company also has more than 700 enterprise customers, including the NYSE, Los Angeles Times, Boise Cascade, Sony Pictures, Activision, Kaplan, FedEx and KLM.

Alfresco Web Studio is available as part of the new Alfresco Labs 3d release and can be downloaded at:

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