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Alfresco & Micro Strategies Introduce Alfresco Application Extension for High-Volume Document Capture

Provides integration with Kofax Capture to enable high-end document scanning and capture

LONDON, UK — June 22, 2009 – Alfresco Software, Inc., the leader in open source enterprise content management (ECM), and partner Micro Strategies Inc., today announced the availability of an Alfresco Application Extension, the Alfresco Kofax Release Script, which provides integration with Kofax Capture to enable high-end document scanning and capture.

As requirements for companies to process paper documentation show no sign of diminishing, organizations are seeking more efficient methods of handling paper-based forms and documents. The Alfresco Kofax Release Script allows companies using Kofax Capture to scan and process large volumes of paper-based forms and documents, which are then stored in a central Alfresco repository.

Micro Strategies’ Alfresco Kofax Release Script enables data to be extracted from paper forms which the Alfresco ECM system uses to manage documents through their lifecycle. This key data drives workflows and ensures the right departments have access to the content.

The combination of Alfresco Open Source ECM and Kofax Capture will allow companies to address their paper document processing requirements more efficiently while dramatically reducing costs.

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“Micro Strategies developed the integration between Kofax and Alfresco in response to increasing demand for open source document management solutions. By providing this script, we can now support user requirements for high-volume document capture into Alfresco,” commented Adam Storch, Vice President, Business Solutions, Micro Strategies. “This solution will enable Alfresco Enterprise subscription customers to take full advantage of their Alfresco solution directly from within Kofax Capture.”

“We’re excited that our industry-leading capture technology has been integrated with Alfresco’s and our solution provider Micro Strategies’ unique offering,” said Jim Nicol, Executive Vice President of Products at Kofax. “The concept of open source systems has had a real impact on many industries, and we recognize Alfresco and Micro Strategies as leaders in the enterprise content management space.”

The Alfresco Kofax Release Script has undergone certification by Alfresco and is currently being beta-tested. Once testing is completed, it will be available for download by Alfresco Enterprise subscription customers from the Alfresco Network.

A trial of Alfresco Enterprise 3.1 can be downloaded.

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