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Alfresco, MySQL and Red Hat Deliver First Open Source JSR-170 Benchmark

Open Source Content Management System Sets Benchmark for Demonstrating Enterprise Readiness

LONDON—November 27, 2006—Alfresco Software Inc., the first and leading provider of an open source enterprise content management solution, today announced results for the first open source JSR-170 benchmark. The results were based on a 10 million document repository and validated by 3rd party open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) experts Optaros to assure compliance with pre-determined benchmark rules.

Rich functionality, with robust performance must be maintained at volumes that are representative of real customer environments with for example auditing and transaction support switched on. The “JSR-170 Open Source Benchmark” was designed to model the most common customer transactions, with typical customer workloads. The benchmark demonstrated the readiness of Alfresco for enterprise class ECM with:

  • JSR-170 Industry standard API
  • Large 10 million document repository
  • Linear scalability of 64 document uploads per second as the size of the repository increases, on a full 10 million document repository
  • Transactionally safe in the case of machine failure with no repository corruption
  • Sub second, 0.34 to .58 second, response time in a high concurrency mixed read/write environment
  • On commodity hardware

The ECM market is turning from a fragmented market to a core strategic platform for some of the largest names in technology, as Oracle, IBM, EMC and Microsoft have all entered the space through either acquisitions or technological development. There is good reason for this, as most analysts believe ECM is a large $4bn market. Content Management is also key to driving the Web 2.0 and social networking technologies currently dominating the Internet. JSR-170 represents the established standard that all major ECM systems have committed to and will be a key element as they ready full ECM stacks for deployment.

“Today, the ECM market is in the same stage as the relational database market in the early 90s, before the Internet took off,” said John Newton, CTO of Alfresco and a pioneer in both ECM and relational databases. “Back then, we were talking about consolidation by major players and the emergence of the SQL standard. It played out in highly competitive benchmarks that were measured in Transactions per Second and the cost of those transactions. These same factors will play out over the next several months, with the same key players, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and EMC competing in the benchmarks. However, this time the competition will be around JSR-170, where Alfresco, MySQL and Red Hat have demonstrated the enterprise readiness of open source for the ECM market. Alfresco is seen as the only open source alternative in the $3.9bn ECM market that is moving away from high-priced legacy vendors”

In the past, content repositories relied on proprietary methods of accessing information that locked enterprises into a single vendor for both content storage and content services. JSR-170 standardizes how content is accessed, making it an important linchpin to measure the speed of ECM systems. This is the first JSR-170 Open Source benchmark utilizing an open source stack from the industry leading open source companies Alfresco, MySQL and Red Hat. The “JSR-170 Open Source Benchmark” is designed to be made open source and to be used as a standard for both Alfresco software releases and the ECM industry as a whole.

“As recognized experts in delivering enterprise class open source systems, Optaros was pleased to be a part of this important effort” said Frederic Weill, vice president and managing director of Optaros in Europe. “This benchmark demonstrates the enterprise readiness and scalability that open source delivers.”

“These benchmarks show that open source software can provide enterprise-class performance and reliability -- in addition to significant TCO savings,” said Edwin Desouza, senior director of marketing for MySQL AB. “We are pleased to work with Alfresco and Red Hat to promote the benefits of open source to businesses as well as the wider software development community.”

The hardware and software configuration was as follows:

  • ECM Suite - Alfresco 1.4 ;
  • RDBMS – MySQL 5.0 64-Bit ;
  • Persistence – JBoss Hibernate 3.x
  • Operating System - Red Hat RHEL AS 4 64-Bit;
  • Application Server – Apache Tomcat;
  • CPU - 2 Dual Core Opterons - 2.6 MHZ;
  • Memory - 12Gb RAM including 4GB RAM for Java;
  • Storage - 6 RAID Disks

“Modern open source ECM integrates state-of-the-art operating systems, relational databases, and application servers,” said Mike Evans, vice president, Corporate Development, Red Hat. “This clearly shows the advantages of the open source stack in terms of architecture, performance and lower Total Cost of Ownership. We’re pleased to have Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Hibernate, and Apache Tomcat play a role in this important benchmark.”

As an open source company, Alfresco will make the benchmark and its environment available to help the JSR-170 community benchmark their systems more easily in an open and transparent way. Alfresco believes that this will increase customer confidence in open source, JSR-170 and benefit both the customer and the open source community as a whole.

A detailed white paper – “Alfresco 1.4 Network – Alfresco, MySQL and Red Hat Deliver the First Open Source JSR-170 Benchmark” is available by request from

The Alfresco Enterprise Network offers commercial support on a stable, certified Alfresco platform and an underlying stack with full warranty and indemnity. Designed for major corporations, Government and not-for-profit organizations, all software and hardware is available by download for usage immediately.



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