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Alfresco Records Management 2.0 Simplifies and Extends Enterprise File Capabilities

Cost effective open source module provides added levels of control for compliance-critical content

London, UK. — August 20, 2012 — Alfresco, the cloud connected content platform, today announced the immediate availability of Alfresco Records Management (RM) 2.0. Serving enterprise organizations and government departments wanting to simplify the management of their governance and compliance processes, Alfresco’s RM 2.0 module further extends the capabilities of its cost-effective open source records management and retention tools.

“With Alfresco RM 2.0 we are greatly simplifying the process of helping government and commercial organizations keep their business-critical files and documents secure,” said John Newton, CTO of Alfresco Software. “Alfresco addresses the complete lifecycle of any electronic file – from initial drafting, through review and approval to declaring as a record and final destruction, all via a single integrated interface. Enterprises can now quickly and easily produce vital evidence needed for resolving disputes whenever they need it.”

Alfresco’s RM module extends compliance support for all kinds of content from traditional office documents to rich media files and from scanned images to team collaboration files – all managed in a single, fully-customizable platform. Furthermore, Alfresco’s powerful feature-set allows the records management process to be adapted to suit a wide variety of business cases.

The only open source content management platform to offer native records management, Alfresco RM 2.0 now offers the following enhanced features and capabilities:

  • Multi-level File Plan – Frees records managers to define much deeper record structures, beyond the three standard levels as defined by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to better suit their individual requirements;
  • Support for Alfresco Enterprise 4 – RM 2.0 has been completely re-architected to enable support for Alfresco Enterprise 4, a base for helping organizations manage social content collaboration, enhanced mobile access and cloud connected integration with business productivity tools;
  • Extensibility – RM 2.0 allows users to define their own customized file types with associated metadata and declare them as records;
  • Uncoupled DoD specification – Opens up support to a wide range of RM requirements as well as compliance with alternative RM standards; and,
  • Record Searches – Improvements in record search make it easier to define queries and to locate critical records while saving ‘favorite’ searches making it quick to run regular administrative reviews.
  • Simple Single Repository – All content captured, managed and controlled in a single repository, enabling seamless integration with document and Web content management tools. This avoids the need for content transfer with potential loss of information and reduces the number of systems to administer.
  • User-friendly Web-based Interface – Access to records management functionality through a Web-based interface enabling greater user adoption with secure access from any location and no desktop installation.
  • Easy Email Filing – Native support of the IMAP protocol, enabling the filing of emails from any email client, without the need to install a plugin. Alfresco RM appears as a mail folder allowing users to simply file records with drag and drop or automated by the use of email rules.

The module’s functionality also includes enhanced permissions model based on user capabilities and roles, as well as support for complex transfers and vital records and their reviews. Alfresco’s RM 2.0 also includes search, workflow and hold tools to comply with transparency and Freedom of Information Act regulations.

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