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Alfresco Solidifies Position as the Low-cost ECM Replacement with Enterprise 3.1 Release

Enterprise features for more complex customer systems; Alfresco Network portal to continually advance the customer experience

LONDON, UK — March 31, 2009 – Alfresco Software today announced that it has launched Alfresco Enterprise 3.1, the latest release of its industry-leading ECM product. Alfresco has also concurrently launched the Alfresco Network, a one-stop resource portal available exclusively to enterprise customers, designed to continually improve the customer experience.

“With the success of Alfresco, we’ve seen customers rolling out systems of ever-increasing size and complexity, requiring faster deployment and significant scalability. Our goal with the release of Enterprise 3.1 is to maintain our dramatically lower cost while at the same time improving the customer experience through increased service levels and faster response times,” said John Newton, CTO, Alfresco Software.

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Alfresco Enterprise 3.1 delivers greater scalability, high-availability and large-scale management. This release includes features that simplify administration, monitoring, deployment as well as maintenance and will be available exclusively to enterprise subscription customers.

New features, in addition to those from the Alfresco Labs 3 final release, include:

  • Easy Clustering and High-Availability – Simple large-scale multi-server management allowing customers to set up clusters and high-availability environments in a matter of minutes;
  • System Monitoring – Advanced JMX-based monitoring that includes simple access to database connection and memory usage information, as well as integration to industry-leading and open source monitoring tools such as Hyperic;
  • Deployment and Provisioning Automation – Command line-driven configuration providing automated deployment and provisioning;
  • Extensions to Alfresco Share – Extensions to the new popular collaborative content management application. Improved online viewing of documents, easier online editing, improved Wiki contribution, new themes and skins;
  • Improved SharePoint Protocol Support – Improved implementation of collaboration, site and link features in Microsoft Office; and,
  • Extended CMIS Support – Expanded implementations of the web services implementations of the draft OASIS CMIS 0.51 standard.

The Alfresco Network is a new personalized Customer-to-Support collaborative service designed to accelerate the time it takes for a customer to become productive while reducing the time it takes support to resolve issues. In addition, Alfresco is building an automation network to proactively alert the customer and provide Alfresco Support with relevant information to enable a more rapid response. Built on Alfresco Surf and Alfresco 3.1, features of the Alfresco Network include:

  • Personalized Customer-to-Support Collaborative Space – Welcome pack, support handbook, support documents and a shared space for information exchange;
  • Personalized Support Ticket Management – Call tracking and support ticket integration;
  • Enterprise Knowledge Base – Self-service access to the enterprise knowledge base developed by Alfresco Engineering and Support staff, reducing the time to resolution for common questions and issues;
  • Categorized Download Directory – Access to downloads, product documentation and add-ons for users, with filters based on product type, product version and more;
  • Proactive Systems Management Platform – Diagnostics functionality providing the basis for future services such as early warning systems monitoring for database, application server and operating system resources; and,
  • Environmental Data Platform – Platform for future support services to automate system checking, AMP file registration and environmental data.

“The intent of Alfresco Enterprise 3.1 is to extend Alfresco’s position as the leading open source replacement for high-cost Enterprise Content Management systems and Microsoft SharePoint,” commented John Powell, CEO, Alfresco Software. “In today’s economic climate, Alfresco provides a low-cost, low-risk alternative with commercial service level agreements for organizations looking to replace legacy systems or start new projects.”

For more information about the cost advantages of Alfresco compared to other ECM systems, please download the TCO whitepaper.

Alfresco Enterprise 3.1 is immediately available for all existing Enterprise Subscription Customers and the Alfresco Network is currently being rolled out to selected customers and will be available to all customers in the next month. A trial of Alfresco Enterprise 3.1 can be downloaded.

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