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Alfresco Strengthens Developer Innovation with New Community Committer Program

Program Simplifies Community Members & Customers to Contribute to Alfresco ECM

LONDON - July 7, 2010 — Alfresco Software today launched the Alfresco Community Committer Program (ACCP) as a way to foster a deeper level of interaction with developers in the Alfresco community. In sponsoring the ACCP, the new program will promote an increased level of high quality software contributions to the Alfresco platform while also facilitating a structured process for incorporating contributions into both Alfresco’s Community and Enterprise editions.

“Our thriving and growing community has already contributed hundreds of high-value extensions and with this new process in place it will enable us to better define a path to elevate the best ones to our core and provide committer status to those members,” explained Nancy Garrity, Alfresco’s Community Director.

Software contributions accepted into ACCP will include any and all software extensions, language packs, plug-ins, and integrations, which enhance Alfresco’s core capabilities, meet a specified set of standards and attain voting approval by the ACCP Committee.

“Given its remarkable growth trajectory Alfresco is the clear leader in the open source ECM space, and now the ACCP will fully leverage the power of the open source development model to provide compelling new features and benefits to all Alfresco Community and Enterprise users,” remarked Mike Vertal, chairman of the inaugural ACCP Committee and CEO of Rivet Logic, an Alfresco Platinum Partner.

The ACCP Committee is a community-led, volunteer group made up of six members that governs the processes and standards by which software contributions will be incorporated into ACCP. The Committee will define the minimum criteria and standards that potential contributions must meet to be considered for ACCP, approve candidate contributions for inclusion into ACCP through a voting process and communicate all actions, standards, rules and plans to the Alfresco community in an open, transparent manner.

Please join the Alfresco team for a webinar on July 27th at 11am ET that will further introduce the ACCP and explain how developers can get involved. For more information on the ACCP, please visit:


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