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Alfresco Wins Audemars Piguet and European Tech Tour Association “Next Gem Award"

Accel Partners Portfolio Companies Recognized As Technology Leaders and Innovators

LONDON, November 20, 2008 – Alfresco Software, Inc. today announced that it has won the “Next Gem Award” at the third annual awards ceremony hosted by world-renowned luxury watchmaker Audemars Piguet & Cie, in partnership with the European Tech Tour Association and Schroder & Co Banque.

The “Next Gem Award” category celebrates young, emerging European technology companies that have demonstrated an ability to bring a unique and original concept to the fore. The award is designed to recognize the achievements and the innovation of the recipient company.

“I am honored to receive the “Next Gem Award” on behalf of the Alfresco team,” commented John Powell, CEO and Co-founder, Alfresco Software. “Alfresco and other award winners, such as QlikTech, are disrupting their respective markets with low-cost, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install products; we expect this disruption to play a significant role in our continued growth. We believe Alfresco is poised to do to the ECM market what MySQL, a previous winner of the award, did to the database market.”

In the current economic climate organizations are seeking to do more with less. Alfresco’s mission is to offer a low cost, open source, subscription model with minimal upfront investment which ensures dramatically lower TCO than comparable proprietary solutions.

Alfresco has seen major adoption of its open source enterprise content management (ECM) system throughout the world. The Alfresco product has been downloaded 1.5 million times since the company was launched in October 2005. There are currently 50,000 active deployments of Alfresco and over 600 Enterprise Subscription customers, including the NYSE, the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland, Los Angeles Times, Sony Pictures, Activision, the French Air Force, Kaplan, FedEx and KLM.

Venture capital firm, Accel Partners are involved in the funding both Alfresco and QlikTech, winner of the Audemars Piguet “Changing Times Award”.

The Selection committee for the awards includes Philippe Collombel of Partech, Fred Destin of Atlas Ventures, Rodolfo Lara of World Economic Forum for Tech Pioneers, Sven Lingjaerde of European Tech Tour Association, Bart Markus of Wellington Partners, Fergal Mullen of Highland Capital Partners, Tellef Thorleifsson, Nothzone Ventures, Norway and Marc Tluszcz, Mangrove, Luxemburg. The Advisory board includes Georges-Henri Meylan of Audemars Piguet, Luc Dennis and Bernhard Leibkutsch of Schroders, Switzerland.

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