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Alfresco’s OEM Partner Program Continues Ecosystem Expansion

Open Source Content Platform Enables OEMs to Reduce Costs, Focus Resources on Internal Solutions

LONDON – October 5th, 2009 – Alfresco Software, the leader in open source enterprise content management (ECM), today announced the expansion of its partner program for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), with the addition of more than 20 OEM partners in 2009 alone. Through the use of Alfresco’s content management platform, the program allows OEM application developers to concentrate on core competencies and focus engineering resources on developing products, rather than building and maintaining a proprietary repository.

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Since its inception, Alfresco has built relationships with more than 50 global OEM partners driven by increasing demand for Alfresco’s open source solutions. In addition to reducing costs, Alfresco enables OEM partners to:

  • Support open standards for easy integration; including the upcoming CMIS standard;
  • Add content management, workflow and collaboration features and capabilities to each solution;
  • Safely embed Alfresco content services under a commercial license that fits each OEM’s needs; and,
  • Receive support and training from Alfresco experts.

“By partnering with Alfresco, we have been able to successfully deliver powerful content management capabilities integrated with Moodle to our clients as part of our enterprise learning platform. The support we’ve received from Alfresco has made the integration easier and more cost effective. With Alfresco, we've been able to deliver a world class solution for a fraction of the cost of the alternatives,” said Jason Cole, COO of, Inc. “With an enterprise-class, user-friendly platform offering simple integration, Alfresco enables us to free valuable time and resources and focus on expanding our core business and solutions.”

Alfresco’s OEM partner program components include: 

  • OEM License – Non-open source enabling companies to embed, modify, re-brand and distribute;
  • Developer Assistance – Core engineer support covering best practices, architecture review, and access to a team of Alfresco experts;
  • Production Support – Improving end customer relationships, offering patches, bug fixes and Level 3 support;
  • Training – On-site Alfresco development and sales courses; and,
  • Joint Marketing – Joint webinars, press and promotion on the Alfresco website partner catalog.

“Alfresco’s OEM partner program is designed to enable our partners to accelerate the speed and success of their go-to-market offerings,” said Martin Musierowicz, Vice President, Alliances at Alfresco Software Inc. “We look forward to working with new OEM partners and enabling them to achieve the success of our existing partners, including Adobe, NetPace, Ingres and”

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