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Alfresco’s Open Source Community Contribution Model Delivers Innovation and New Capabilities Faster

Significant community contributions bring new collaboration features and increased functionality to Alfresco

LONDON, July 10th, 2007 – Alfresco Software, Inc., the leader in open source enterprise content management, today revealed new collaboration features made possible by its open source Community contribution model. The model is enabling the organization to deliver rapid product innovation and to drive accelerated user adoption.

Traditionally, software development is a lengthy, closed-door process resulting in longer release cycles, reduced product quality, lack of customer preparation and consequent slow adoption. By contrast the open source software model provides rapid peer review and important feature prioritization dictated by users, which accelerates product development and services.

The innovative, new features available with Alfresco Community 2.1 are the direct result of customer input and major contributions from more than 15,000 registered community members. With more than 600,000 downloads, 12,000 installed sites regularly using Alfresco and 300 customers, the company is able to offer these new features much faster than the traditional enterprise software development model.

Contributions from the Alfresco Community to Alfresco 2.1 include wiki space, blog space and calendars, as well as multi-lingual document and translation management to assist in managing the document translation process and collections of translated material.

“The enhanced capabilities of Alfresco Community 2.1 demonstrates the power of the community to drive innovation in the ECM market specifically,” said John Powell, CEO & co-founder, Alfresco Software Inc. “This means customers can immediately take advantage of new capabilities to meet requirements they have today.”

“By using the community development model, Alfresco gives us a voice in product development and the opportunity to have real influence on which features are implemented and when. Our input is always taken seriously and addressed much more quickly than with traditional software development models,” said Terry Bourbinis, CIO at Christian Science Monitor.

For more information or to download Alfresco Community 2.1, please visit Alfresco Enterprise 2.1, which will include service and support, is expected later this year.

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