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Capgemini incorporates Alfresco into the French Air Force Document Information System

Simple to install and use, flexible and open-ended, the Alfresco solution has been chosen to manage all technical documentation of the French Air Force

Paris – July 2, 2008. Since November 2007, the Alfresco open source enterprise content management solution has been part of the "Rénodoc" document renewal system which has been set up to manage and digitize the documentary information of the French Air Force.

The wide range of functionalities offered by Alfresco (digitization of paper documentation, management of the document repository, controlling the stock and distribution of electronic publications, activity monitoring, on-line consultation, etc.) meets all the requirements of the French Air Force Technical Documentation Center (CDTAA), allowing it to identify, generate, duplicate, manage and distribute technical documentation.

From the start of the project there was a desire to switch from a proprietary to an open source solution. Launched in 2002, the Rénodoc project was run jointly by the Air Force Support Command (CSFA), which manages the French Air Force Technical Documentation Center (CDTAA), and Capgemini. Within 3 years, Rénodoc had two versions of its original platform running on a commercial application. In 2005 the CSFA wanted to upgrade the solution, particularly so as to allow users to access the document base via the intranet, and decided to opt for an open source solution.

After analyzing the offerings of various companies operating in this market, the final choice fell upon Alfresco: "Their solution fulfilled 2 criteria which we regarded as essential: The level of the document functions satisfied the needs of the CFSA, and furthermore the software met all the relevant document standards while being open source. Moreover this choice fully accorded with the open source strategy of Capgemini and of its OSSPartnerTM offering," explains Michel Praden, Project Manager at Capgemini Sud SAS in Marseilles, which was tasked with running the project.

"The Ministry of Defense wants to go more and more down the open source route, and that was one of the main reasons for our choice," adds Captain Greppi who was in charge of the Rénodoc project within the Air Force Support Command. "And above and beyond that requirement, we were persuaded by the range and flexibility of the functions of the Alfresco solution, without of course forgetting the financial advantage. Moreover the editing tool has an excellent reputation, thanks in particular to the experience of its founders, and for us this represents a significant value-added."

As the first solution combining the open source model with enterprise content management, Alfresco offers better value for money than the proprietary products available on the market.
What is more, the open source model allows Alfresco to use best-of-breed open source technologies and contributions from the open source community, thereby delivering a system that is perpetually evolving and adapting to the needs of its users.

In November 2007 the first phase of the project was completed: migration of Rénodoc to the Alfresco platform. The solution makes it possible to meet all the functional needs of the Air Force Technical Documentation Center (CDTAA):
  • Digitization of paper documentation
  • Management of the Air Force document repository
  • Generation of electronic publicationsControlling the stock and distribution of electronic publications
  • Managing and planning orders of the CDTAA
  • Monitoring the activities of the CDTAA
"Thanks to Alfresco, our documentation is permanently up to date. Eighty people working within the Air Force Technical Documentation Center currently use Rénodoc and thus benefit from all these functionalities. Our final objective is to make it accessible to 30,000 users, and indeed the entire military," explains Captain Greppi.

The final completion of the project, incorporating all the major developments, is planned for March 2009. This ultimate version of Rénodoc will allow the Air Force Technical Documentation Center to place Air Force technical documentation directly onto the Intradef network and accommodate documentation of military aircraft such as the Rafale and the A400M, prepared according to different versions of standard S1000D.

This version also includes digitization of document services, thus providing the CDTAA with facilities such as:
  • On-line consultation of non-operational documents, procurement catalogs and the document repository.
  • Procedure for developing the document base: comment slips, networked coordination of actions of experts and officers, traceability of requested or accepted developments
  • Management of the document base: handling of actions by contributors to the system as well as digitized requests from subscribers.
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