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FileMark SMARTi Integrates with Alfresco Open Source Enterprise Content Management

Alfresco Continues OEM Momentum with FileMark

LONDON—April 24th, 2007—Alfresco Software Inc., the first and leading provider of an open source enterprise content management solution (ECM), and FileMark, a leading provider of document processing, archiving and records management solutions, today announced the availability of the first open source ECM system with integrated COLD (Computer Output to Low-cost Disk) and image capture.

FileMark’s SMARTi Imaging and SMARTi COLD modules seamlessly integrate with Alfresco to create a production class ECM solution for mid-market and large scale organizations. The combined solution enables the use of Alfresco for transactional document processing applications such as accounts payable and receivable, invoice processing, proof of delivery matching, order entry, and computer output report archiving and distribution.

The result is a highly versatile, easy to use, open source ECM system, offering both mid-market and large scale enterprises significantly better value than can be found with proprietary solutions. Organizations can cost-effectively start in one department and grow without limits as their needs develop. Open source licensing and rapid implementation make Alfresco an excellent choice for businesses seeking immediate productivity with minimal resource commitments.

“We have seen significant customer demand for production image and report capture capabilities such as those offered by FileMark. The combined solution is ideal for manufacturing, distribution, financial services, healthcare and government.” said John Powell, co-founder and CEO, Alfresco, Inc. “Alfresco’s partnership with FileMark demonstrates the positive OEM momentum we are experiencing by offering the first embeddable Enterprise Content Management system.”

“The combined expertise of FileMark and Alfresco offers customers an alternative to proprietary ECM solutions, offering a complete package that works out of the box to deliver a flexible and dynamic solution to address their document processing requirements," said William Zastrow, president and CEO of FileMark. "High-cost proprietary ECM systems from the 1990s are not what our customers want. ECM is entering a new age with open source and open standards such as JSR-170, JSR-168 and web services. FileMark chose Alfresco because of its best-of-breed open source repository."

The integrated solution has been released and is now available internationally.

About FileMark

FileMark is a leading provider of software and professional services for transactional document processing. Applications include document management and imaging, computer output report management, archiving and records management. FileMark enables users to capture, classify, store, retrieve, route, process and manage all forms of business information. FileMark specializes in the ability to seamlessly extend existing line-of-business applications for real-time document access, work flow, report archiving and regulatory compliance. FileMark was founded in 1989 and has a proven track record of delivering reliable, cost-effective, integrated document solutions for Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Health Care, Financial Services, Local Government and Higher Education. 

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