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First Alfresco Book Released

Open Source Integrator CIGNEX and Publishers Packt Produce Book on Leading Open Source Content Management Provider

LONDON—February 13, 2007—Alfresco Software, Inc., the first and leading provider of an open source enterprise content management solution, today announced the release of the first book on Alfresco. This is a guide for people interested in the Alfresco system and building successful Content Management applications.

In the last two years Alfresco has evolved to cover the four major pieces of Enterprise Content Management – Document Management, Web Content Management, Records Management and Image Management. It has also worked with open source leaders to deliver and benchmark the most scalable JSR-170 repository on the market today. When Packt, a publishing company with a proven track record in Open Source publishing, approached Alfresco about the possibility of producing a book, the team quickly agreed that this would be a great way to provide the Alfresco community with the team’s expertise at a very low cost of delivery.

“On the publication of this book we now have 500,000 downloads, 5,000 community sites running on Alfresco and hundreds of subscribers to the Enterprise Network,” said John Powell, CEO, Alfresco, Inc. “This book is the perfect opportunity to enable people to participate in the open source community and the Alfresco journey.”

“Alfresco has rapidly become the leading open source Enterprise Content Management system,” said Munwar Shariff, CTO, CIGNEX and the book’s writer. “This book is the end-product of the expertise we have gained by implementing Alfresco in numerous enterprises and training business users. Whenever, we come across an excellent product that can benefit with more documentation, as an SI we step-up to fill the gap. We expect this book to become a catalyst for expanding the Alfresco community.”


About Alfresco

Alfresco is the leading open source alternative for enterprise content management. It is the first company to bring the power of open source to the enterprise content management market, enabling unprecedented scale and a much lower total cost of ownership than proprietary systems. Founded by a team of content management veterans that includes the co-founder of Documentum, John Newton and former COO of Business Objects, John Powell. Alfresco is based in London. For more information, visit

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