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FOSSLC Brings Together Open Source Thought Leaders to Educate and Entertain Regarding the Importance of Licensing

Matt Asay, Mike Milinkovich and David Maxwell Will Get Together on August 31, 2009 to Educate and Entertain About Open Source Licenses

Ottawa, Canada – August 20th, 2009 – The Free and Open Source Learning Center (FOSSLC), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving lives using open source software today announced that it will bring together thought leaders of the open source software community to educate and entertain about the importance of licensing. Matt Asay, Vice President of Business Development at Alfresco, Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation and David Maxwell, Open Source Strategist at Coverity will take part in a debate to be judged by a panel of open source experts. The event will take place on August 31st, 2009 in the Gowlings office in Ottawa, Canada and the debate will moderated by Thomas Prowse, a Gowlings Partner and a leading open source software lawyer.

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FOSSLC works to improve lives through skills development, encouraging collaboration, facilitating business development, and building awareness of open source software (OSS).

This debate, entitled simply “Which Open Source License Is the Best” will cover technological, legal, and business stakes of open source licenses. The event will be in the format of a judged debate where each panelist will defend one open source license. The factors affecting license choice and implications of key open source licenses for software reuse will be debated.

Alfresco, the Eclipse Foundation, Coverity, Ingres, and Gowlings will sponsor the event. “We are proud to have such high quality sponsors, panelists and judges supporting this event. The content is particularly relevant to business, government, and academia dealing with economic hardship,” said Andrew Ross, FOSSLC President.

Matt Asay is one of the industry's leading open source business strategists. Asay currently manages business development activities in the Americas for Alfresco. His years studying software licensing and innovation, combined with experience with some of the leading open source businesses make him a thought leader and potent debater on open source. “Open-source licensing is the backbone of an increasing array of businesses, yet the choice of license still bewilders some and bedevils others. Through debates like these I hope we can establish principles that will serve as guideposts for those still perplexed as to the optimal license choice for their business.”

Mike Milinkovich is executive director of the Eclipse foundation and known for his considerable expertise with ecosystem development around open source technology. Mike will be advocating for the Eclipse Public License (EPL). The Eclipse framework is a foundation for many products and businesses thus leaving Milinkovich well prepared. "While there is a broad consensus on the key principles of software freedom, there are many nuances of open source licensing which are worthy of debate" said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. "I am sure that everyone attending will learn a great deal about open source licensing and the community and business values that derive from licensing choices."

David Maxwell, Open Source Strategist at Coverity, and member of the Board of Directors of The NetBSD Foundation will be advocating for the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) license. David’s years of experience, wealth of deep technical expertise, and knowledge of the rich history behind the BSD license mean he will be a formidable competitor. "The concept of software which is liberated from proprietary limitations is still not widely recognized or understood. We expect attendees will come away with a better understanding of the nuances of licensing. I'll represent the BSD license but I intend to do more than just play the Daemon's advocate in this debate."

The debate will be judged by a panel of industry experts worthy of such a daunting task. They include: Randall Schwartz, respected author, host of the leading open source podcast FLOSS Weekly; Jay Lyman, 451 Group Analyst, who recently broadcast a webinar on open source licenses; and Chris Tyler, a Professor at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada, home to a progressive group of courses taught using open source software from Mozilla and Eclipse. Additional judges will be announced on the event web page.

"Every day more and more customers are taking advantage of the New Economics of IT and replacing legacy software with open source solutions," said Deb Woods, Ingres VP Product Management. "We are seeing more enterprise and government customers solving business critical issues with Ingres as they look to develop new applications where they were previously unable to with proprietary solutions due to budget cuts in today's economy. Open source communities provide tremendous value to the customer by providing the opportunity to help set future product direction, gain early access to the product and even contribute code to the project. This debate will help the user better understand the various license models and how they affect their relationship with open source projects."

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