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JMD Achieves 20 percent Productivity Increase with Alfresco

Over 65 million automated regulatory and compliance checks performed since the installation.

  • Automated reporting for Conduct Risk and Solvency II
  • Simplified and strengthened information governance and compliance
  • Integration with multiple in-house systems ensured a structured workflow
  • Cost-effective on-demand scalability to future-proof business

San Mateo, CA – Feb 1, 2017 Alfresco Software, the leading open-source provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, announced today that Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings Limited, through its subsidiary, JMD, the specialist supplier of insurance services, has increased productivity by up to 20 per cent with Alfresco. JMD chose the Alfresco One and Alfresco Activiti due to its agility, scalability, and data compliance capabilities.

In the last year alone, JMD has doubled its Lloyds’ client base on its binding authority management service with binder and bordereaux volumes handled increasing eight fold in the same period. As a result of this growth in business JMD was faced with a number of challenges:

  •  Managing the ever-growing volume of data
  •  Managing multiple interconnected processes
  •  The need to be able to easily track accountability of both process and data
  •  The business needed to comply with market regulations and reporting standards
  •  Needed to address data standardisation and inconsistent file formatting
  •  Unstructured data was hindered productivity
  •  Improvements in reliability to eliminate costly downtime

Robert Dewen, Managing Director of JMD commented, “The exceptional customer growth and the resulting data and process challenges confronting us made it clear that we needed to improve and automate our document and process management system. A future-proof solution with the ability to integrate with our existing equipment and enable us to achieve structured and standardised data paths that abide to the market’s compliance needs was key. Through one of our channel partners, we found that Alfresco addressed all of our requirements.”

“JMD’s original system, built in 2009, served its purpose but didn’t lend itself to growth. We outlined a few suitable solutions, but it soon became clear that the open source nature of Alfresco gave the company the flexibility and scale for its growth plans. Open-standards makes it easier to implement changes to service offerings as required, whereas other off-the-shelf solutions have a high cost per change request and greater development time,” said Edward Wichmann, Perspective Technologies, one of Alfresco’s premium channel partners. “Out of the box Alfresco gives businesses document management and collaboration capabilities, as well as the ability to customise processes. This is an essential component, allowing the company’s data to be incorporated and seen within the user interface easily.” 

The Alfresco platform is also integrated with the company’s email system, allowing this information to be pulled into corresponding records automatically. There is instant management of data received, date filed, and by what user, which enables easier auditing. While Alfresco Activiti, the workflow engine, manages and transforms the data provided to the format and location required. Additionally, any compliance exceptions are sent back to the business user for review thanks to this interconnectivity.

JMD’s service fulfils its clients' reporting requirements under Conduct Risk, Pillar 3 (supervisory reporting and disclosure) and Solvency II, enabling insurers to ensure that their delegated authorities are providing complete and accurate data and are thereby complying with market specific regulations. As a result, Lloyds’ Managing Agents have more visibility into performance, and benefit from the enriched standardised data that is captured. JMD also hosts an oversight committee made up of its clients who are afforded input into the future structure and design of the system and service on an ongoing basis.

“Employees can now execute their daily tasks more efficiently, with automatically generated document paths that plan, notify, and record activity as it happens. As a result we have seen admin times reduced by up to 20 percent. This is thanks to the elimination of manual checking of tick boxes, which is prone to user error, and pulls data from multiple sources into one – including from third parties. It gives us a new and effective visibility of bottlenecks and performance. We couldn’t manage the volume of data that we do without Alfresco’s software and reliability is never a concern,” continued Dewen.

Today, the business has clear oversight for document management and ownership. Process flow time has been cut - making it easier to manage increased workloads. Over the last two years the platform has:

  • Processed in excess of 130,000 bordereau files from agency companies
  • Uploaded in excess of 12.5 million premiums, claims and risk details
  • Performed in excess of 65 million automated regulatory and compliance checks
  • Continued growth with 7 million checks achieved in the last month alone

Paul Hampton, Senior Director, Product Marketing, at Alfresco concluded, "Modern ECM solutions are crucial for the financial and insurance industries, providing flexibility along with the security measures needed to meet stringent regulatory and compliance requirements. These solutions are fundamental in enabling organisations to reduce costs, improve agility and ensure ease of auditability – resulting in accelerating the businesses and driving customer satisfaction.”

Alfresco is working with leading banking and insurance organisations of all sizes around the globe to transform client experience from the first contact to the last interaction. Alfresco One, an ECM solution, enables users to leverage vast stores of corporate information to bring vital data to every step of a business process. Its modern open standards architecture enables easy extension and customisation, simplifying and strengthening information governance and compliance. Alfresco Activiti delivers BPM with the flexibility and scalability to handle a wide variety of critical processes and intuitive end user tools for easy task management and process history. Additionally, the company utilises Alfresco Share. This delivers collaborative content management that simplifies capturing, sharing, and retrieval of information across virtual teams, reducing email volumes and boosting productivity.

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About JMD

JMD Specialist Insurance Services Group Limited (“JMD”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings Ltd., is a market leading outsource supplier to the (re)insurance industry. Utilising a unique, dedicated system with a proven track record together with experienced insurance professionals, JMD delivers practical and cost effective business solutions to the London Market. JMD’s services are available as individual modules or as a package tailored to meet the requirements of Lloyd’s Managing Agents, the IUA and composite insurance companies. Close and long lasting client relationships are testament to JMD’s success in becoming the leading provider of Credit Control, Binding Authority Management and related services.

About Perspective Technologies

Perspective Technologies deliver technology solutions built upon open and standards-based platforms.  Perspective have implemented a wide range of successful solutions in the insurance industry including: data migrations, messaging systems (both ACORD and EDI), collaboration platforms, coverholder management systems, reinsurance calculation modules, bordereaux and binder management systems.  Founded in 2001, Perspective Technologies is based in the City of London.  Please visit us at

About Alfresco
Alfresco is an enterprise open-source software company focused on advancing the flow of digital business. The company provides a better, more effortless way for people to work, making sure they have the information they need, exactly when they need it most. The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is an open, modern, secure platform that intelligently activates process and content to accelerate the flow of business. It provides the fastest path for people to interact with information and for companies to respond to changing business needs. Over 1,300 industry-leading organizations have built solutions on Alfresco allowing them to innovate, be responsive and competitive. Alfresco’s customers include Cisco, Bank of NY Mellon, Liberty Mutual, Capital One, US Department of Navy, and NASA. Founded in 2005, Alfresco has U.S. headquarters in San Mateo, California and European headquarters in Maidenhead, UK. For more information on Alfresco, please visit


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