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Rational Retention Partners with Alfresco to Power End-to-End Document Lifecycle Management and e-Discovery Application

Automates enterprise-scale management of unstructured electronically stored information (ESI) for litigation and compliance; dual benefits of open source flexibility and cost control passed on to customers

London, UK. – April 20, 2009 – Alfresco Software today announced a partnership with Rational Retention (RR), a leading developer of document lifecycle management and e-discovery solutions. By tightly coupling Alfresco content repository and RR, customers will be able to archive and maintain full control over a range of e-mails, documents and enterprise content which must be captured, retained and made available for compliance and litigation purposes.

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RR’s solution enables policy driven control of documents and unstructured data throughout its lifecycle; from creation, through preservation and production during litigation and eventual destruction. The new solution using Alfresco seamlessly connects RR’s control of distributed files with Alfresco’s rich management of centralized content. By leveraging Alfresco’s implementation of the Common Interface File System (CIFS) and WebDAV protocols RR can ensure that wherever content resides it is controllable and can automatically be migrated to Alfresco’s document and records management tools as required.

RR brings with it a number of functions, including e-discovery for investigation, compliance or litigation and metadata collection for easy organization and recall on tagged content. By integrating an open source platform from Alfresco, RR provides customers with an end-to-end and highly scalable solution that will demonstrate a fast return on investment, particularly in comparison to litigious timescales. It will also closely follow those processes and guidelines set out by regulators and provide remote access for legal teams should an investigation or audit ensue.

“In complex litigation cases, a company’s ability to offer access to critical legal documents across a range of groups – from defense teams to prosecuting attorneys – is extremely critical. Compliance has become an expensive necessity for many organizations, and the continued consolidation of software vendors in this area – coupled with today’s challenging economic environment – has led these enterprises to pursue alternatives that reduce costs,” said John Powell, CEO, Alfresco Software. “By working with Alfresco, Rational Retention is not only adding choice to the market, but also leveraging the flexibility of open source to provide customers with immediate ROI.”

“Companies now recognize that by controlling documents from their inception, they can save upwards of 50 percent on e-discovery and regulatory compliance. To that end, RR is delighted to be working with Alfresco, the clear leader in open source ECM,” commented Michael McCreary, Chief Operating Officer, Rational Retention. “By integrating Alfresco into RR’s unique information compliance platform, we are delivering what is merely the promise of competitors such as Autonomy. With enterprise scalability, auto-classification, preserve in place, advanced analytics and integrated review and production, we provide a complete solution at a fraction of what it would cost to cobble together point products. RR’s deep knowledge of the litigation vertical, along with Alfresco’s expertise in records and document management, offers the market a truly integrated alternative to high priced competitors.”

Alfresco and RR will also be demoing the new solution in a webinar on May 12, 2009.

The new solution is available now for select customers and will be generally available later in Q2. Contact for further information or visit

For more information about the cost advantages of Alfresco, please download the TCO whitepaper.

About Rational Retention

Rational Retention transforms the way enterprises think about records management and e-discovery. The Rational Retention software automates the enforcement of a company’s retention policy to ensure in place control of all loose documents across their entire life-cycle, regardless of where they reside.

With RR running, documents on the desktop, in email, file shares or document management systems become centrally visible, and more importantly, fully controllable. Organizations can know and manage where sensitive information resides; retain, move or destroy information per retention policy; and hold, analyze, collect, review and produce documents in the case of litigation - all without disrupting the normal course of business.

No product on the market today offers the level of visibility, unprecedented control and security as Rational Retention – without asking users to change how they work. The result is both cost savings and risk reduction. For further information please visit:

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