Service Offerings

Alfresco Consulting Services helps customers plan, design, implement, and manage deployment of solutions to their optimal advantage. We do this with a series of value-add service offerings intended to maximize our customer’s investment in Alfresco technology, supported by our singular goal of driving customer success. These offerings help customers:

  • Validate strategic objectives and critical success factors
  • Align implementations with industry and implementation best practices
  • Rapidly plan, develop, and deploy Alfresco solutions
  • Ensure end users and administrators are equipped to effectively utilize and run/operate the solutions
  • Objectively measure the success of a deployment

Advisory Services

These are consulting service offerings to give advice on Alfresco’s best practices - before or afterwards.

  1. Assessment - Professional Services assess the infrastructure, the use case and other requirements and give guidance on best practices.
  2. Review Services - Professional Services reviews the architecture or the code to ensure the design or development is in accordance with Alfresco best practices.

Solution Delivery Services

Consulting services to assist in the successful implementation of Alfresco solutions.

  1. Needs Assessment & Requirements - Comprehensive services to analyze and document requirements to be used as a basis for an implementation project.
  2. Implementation Planning – Leveraging a workshop approach, we help customers develop a blueprint for implementing Alfresco solutions that align with the company’s greatest business needs.
  3. Application Architecture & Design – We assist customers in developing suitable systems architecture and application design to support defined requirements
  4. Implementation, testing, and deployment services
  5. Project Management

Upgrade & Migration Services

This service is designed to help a customer plan and perform a successful application migration or upgrade. Learn more about our 5.Ready Program and start your upgrade today.

Optimization Services

Our consulting services teams assist customers in assessing the health and performance of existing Alfresco-based solutions and integrating Alfresco into the enterprise.

  1. Performance Tuning – This offering is used to evaluate and provide recommendations for improving the performance of deployed Alfresco software, as well as offer insight on ways to extend functional benefit by deploying additional Alfresco or third-party product(s).
  2. Enterprise Integration Services – This service, delivered by our seasoned consulting staff, can help customers plan, architect, and deliver essential integrations to other corporate IT systems.

Customer Success

Alfresco Consulting Services is proud to have worked with hundreds of customers across the globe. From local government departments to global multi-national corporations, Alfresco Consulting Services has successfully implemented solutions within the following industry sectors:

  • National, State & Local Governments
  • Finance / Banking
  • Technology
  • Publishing
  • Broadcasting and Media
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food Processing and Manufacturing
  • Legal services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications

To learn more about Alfresco customer success, hear from our customers.