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Byte Squared

Office² HD, by Byte Squared, is the all-in-one office document editing suite, which lets you view, edit and create Microsoft Word compatible documents (.doc & .docx), Microsoft Excel compatible workbooks (.xls & .xlsx) and Microsoft Powerpoint compatible presentations (.ppt & .pptx) right on your iPad. It integrates with Alfresco, giving you access to your valuable data, wherever you are.

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Ephesoft brings sophisticated document identification and classification to the cloud. This can be used for many business processes to automate the handling of documents. Once the form is identified, Ephesoft can ‘read’ the data fields and integrate with Alfresco to begin the business process. For instance, key data fields are retrieved from an invoice to reduce keying and automate the business handling which allows for more accurate processing, earning payment discounts, and reduced bottlenecks.

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Filepicker.io is a Y Combinator start up based in San Francisco.  Filepicker.io provides a simple, high quality API that easily integrates with file storage services like Alfresco, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive while also providing advanced functions such as high fidelity conversions and transfer to storage services such as Amazon S3.

Developers building workgroup productivity applications often require the ability to access files (text, images, audio, and video) residing in a multitude of cloud storage services. Integrating multiple file sharing and social services burdens developers with supporting disparate cloud storage APIs, unreliable file transfers, inaccurate content conversion and inconsistent hosting infrastructure, all of which conspire to adversely affect user experience and developer productivity. Filepicker takes the pain out of this process!

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Coaxion, by Moprise, is your priority inbox for documents; ensuring critical documents are a touch away. Time-critical corporate dashboards, board packs, staff meeting memos, and sales collateral can be pushed to one or more iPads. Documents can be pushed via another iPad, email, or corporate storage systems to team devices. Supported storage systems include Alfresco, Office 365/SharePoint and others as well as consumer storage systems like Dropbox.

Coaxion’s unique technology allows enterprise iPad users to wirelessly broadcast high-fidelity Microsoft Office documents to audience iPads & iPhones with legible charts, graphics, and annotations appearing in a beautiful, easily readable and sharable meeting stream. Security is built-in with remote wipe of shared documents and interoperability with existing IT systems for document storage, user identity, and bank-grade security.

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Otixo lets people use all the cloud services they like in a single place. From our simple application, users are able to connect services like Alfresco, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, FTP, Picasa, CX, SugarSync, etc., and see all of their files in one Finder™-like interface. Searching across all multiple clouds or moving files between them has never been easier.

Otixo's newest feature, Spaces, is designed with collaboration and efficiency in mind. With all their clouds in one place, users can now drag-and-drop files into a "Space" and attach it from any connected service. The file isn't moved, but is accessible to all collaborators. Other Otixo users invited to the Space can do the same, making collaborating across many different services very easy. Otixo reduces file clutter and duplication, and makes your cloud life simple.

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Smile Software

With PDFpen, by Smile, users can add text, images, and signatures to PDFs, make corrections, resize and delete images, and fill out forms. PDFs can be annotated with comments and highlighting. The elegant and responsive iOS interface makes it easy to skim within a document via the thumbnail view sidebar.

PDFpen allows users to store documents in Alfresco, Dropbox and iCloud, and sync them across devices. iCloud integration makes it possible to seamlessly edit and store a PDF in conjunction with PDFpen for Mac and PDFpen for iPad/iPhone. PDFpen also can retrieve and save PDFs directly with Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs. Through PDFpen, Alfresco's storage cloud storage provides a seamless experience of PDF editing across both iPhone and iPad.

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