Cloudly is building tomorrow’s platform for consolidating and mobilizing Enterprise data. Most enterprises are adopting a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy. The flexibility to move data between environments, tiers and platforms without compromising privacy, security and compliance, will be one of the most challenging, yet key requirements of cloud adoption. Our platform allows moving any datasets between traditional databases (e.g., RDBMS) and Cloud databases (e.g., DBaaS) efficiently, securely and intelligently. It's a SaaS platform that allows you to auto migrate and auto provision a cloud database and then handle incremental data loads, so that the source and target cloud data remains in sync. CloudlyIO is working with Alfresco as a technology partner to deliver seamless data migration and data mobility solutions for "Alfresco on Cloud" and help Alfresco customers easily migrate and adopt multiple clouds as well as move datasets and contents across different cloud and on-premise systems.

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