The CrowdSauce Group

The CrowdSauce Group was formed in late 2013 by a team of partners, each with decades of experience in strategic planning, process optimization, outsourcing, services delivery and program management.  We offer services that deliver business results through a combination of traditional management consulting, technology implementation and transformational innovation programs that take advantage of the latest capabilities of cloud platforms and crowdsourcing. With a special focus on higher education and corporate universities, The CrowdSauce Group provides a full range of consulting services - from information governance, organizational and technical strategy, sourcing, systems integration and implementation.  We are actively involved and have experience in projects for teaching/learning, research, administration, libraries, museums and public outreach.  Having been both customers and providers of enterprise content solutions for many years, The CrowdSauce Group has a balanced perspective that provides much needed insight for implementations of content programs. 

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