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Partner Level:Technology
Coverage Area:United States

Ezescan has provided advanced document scanning solutions globally since 2002. Now for Alfresco customers seeking a more efficient method of handling paper‐based forms and documents, the EzeScan product suite enables them to scan and process large volumes of paper‐based forms and documents, which can then be stored into the central Alfresco repository. Ezescan provides time effective ways to batch process forms, documents and invoices to address advanced paper scanning requirements of scanning users. Ezescan allows your organisation to resolve critical requirements without the pain. Ezescan can give you numerous ways to tackle those hard scanning issues that come across your desk every day, effectively and efficiently, often with a “one click” button process from any MFD/copier or Scanner. Ezescan solutions range from basic manual entry to highly automated forms processing. With hundreds of installations in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, North America and the UK, EzeScan is your ideal batch scanning application.

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