For over two decades, Fortrus has been helping paper intensive organisations from healthcare to legal and financial services collect, access, and act upon critical information through intuitive portals and mobile applications. The innovative solutions, designed, developed and delivered by Fortrus remove paper, reduce cost, help improve service quality, enable collaboration, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance, whilst continually striving to ensure the ultimate user experience.

Fortrus Solutions are led first and foremost by Design and therefore the ‘Genius Design’ approach is fundamental to everything that is developed. The first solution evolving from the Mobius engine was designed specifically for the health care market in consultation with over 800 senior clinicians; the Unity Unified Health Viewer turns time-consuming, paper-based records into accessible, easily updated Unified Health Records, creating a chronological timeline of each patient’s history. The data presented can include scanned images of paper medical records amalgamated with information from any hospital IT system. All information associated with a patient is displayed in one place. Unity search tools allow doctors and other healthcare professionals to find what they need faster and more reliably, being able to search by attendance, document type, date, specialty and many other categories.

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