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Partner Level:Technology
Industry:Construction, Education, Financial Services, Government & Public Administration, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media, Publishing, Non-profit, Retail, Services, Technology, Transportation, Utilities, Wholesale
Coverage Area:Asia, United Kingdom, Middle East and Africa, North America

The Mediawide Platform allows localization, customization and adaptation of print and digital assets to bring efficiencies of “create-once, use-many”, without incurring expensive and time-consuming interaction between Media Agencies and distributed marketing teams.


The Mediawide Platform is a marketing collateral creation platform, allowing users to customize and localize various marketing collateral. It allows customers to create Adobe InDesign templates and use them to create customized, localized and personalized marketing content. Digital HTML5 Templates can be created and used to localize and customize Web Banner Ads, Landing Pages, Email Templates and to generate Personalized Videos, directly in Alfresco. Templates, images, and deliverables are stored and managed with access to all the Alfresco functionality.


Personalized animated videos can be automatically generated and forwarded to clients using Business Processes, gathering information from within Alfresco, and injecting the data inside the video.  These videos can then be embeded into an email, or into a clients personalized web portal.


The Mediawide Platform can accelerate marketing collateral creation for faster time to market (80% overall reduction in project time when compared to traditional processes involving a Media Agency), reduces costs for marketing collateral creation (10X reduction), and enhances brand equity with consistent branding across outlets and regions.

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