OEM Partnership

Alfresco has enhanced its OEM Partner Program in response to rapidly growing demand.

The program is specifically designed to assist those interested in embedding Enterprise Content Management into their applications and is intended to let OEMs and ISVs concentrate on their core skills, product development and support, leaving the content management to Alfresco.

This can all be achieved with the assurance that Alfresco engineers are supporting the end customer deployments which embed Alfresco software.

When you sign up to the OEM Partner Program, you can expect:

OEM enablement benefits

  • Reduce time to market
  • Free-up staff time to focus on your product
  • Leverage the expertise of core Alfresco developers
  • Certify your product with Alfresco

Licensing benefits

  • Utilize Alfresco Enterprise source code
  • Modify Alfresco code, while retaining your unique IP
  • Rebrand Alfresco software as your own
  • Redistribute Alfresco code through a direct or channel model

Technical benefits

  • 100% Java and based on open standards
  • Modular and customizable with less than 40MB footprint
  • Premier scalable standards-based JSR-170 repository
  • Ability to share same JVM as the embedding application

Marketing benefits

  • Access to Alfresco Partner Enablement site
  • Leverage Alfresco brand with the Partner logo on your website
  • Have your logo featured in Alfresco's Partner Directory

Hosting Alfresco

Hosting partners provide Alfresco as a service and in the cloud with managed infrastructures. They enable customers with cost-effective, high availability and scalable content management platforms. Customers can enjoy rapid enablement of their content management platforms with the industry expertise of a hosting partner. Alfresco Hosting Partners are ready to rapidly enable you to receive the benefits of Alfresco in a managed environment. Using industry standard CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) partners can develop and deploy content rich applications that make extensive use of the core content services provided by Alfresco.

If you would like more information on becoming an OEM and ISV or Hosting Partner, please contact your Regional Channel Manager.