REACTIS, established in 2001, is an IT services company based in France. Our values are Excellence & Innovation : hold our commitments, anticipate business and technological progress, deliver an excellent service quality, the whole… with a service spirit; Closeness to our clients and to our staff, to be closer to their needs. Coevolution to grow together by sharing ours experiences, skills, and knowledge.

Our strategy is focused on three areas: More development for all of our regions and subsidiaries Growing internationally to adapt to local demand of our international customers (creation of two subsidiaries in 2013: Canada and Italy). Increase our offers : Mastering result commitment projects & TMA, expertise in structured documentation, EDM, PLM and MRO.

We offer complementary services on Consulting, System Engineering and Support. Our fields of expertise and consulting are in aerospace and defense industries, public and government sector, health care, banking, insurances and services sector.

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