Account Management Solution for Brokerage Operations

Solution Name: 
Account Management Solution for Brokerage Operations
Works with Alfresco: 

Perficient’s Trex for Investor Services enables retail and institutional servicing operations managers to automate workflows, streamline account management processes, and enhance regulatory compliance. Trex distributes work in a structured manner, integrates with legacy systems, and efficiently manages exceptions – dramatically shortening the processing cycle, increasing productivity, reducing errors and omissions, and lowering costs.


Business Challenges:

Servicing investors can be a costly process for brokerage operations which are too often not equipped to manage the complex and voluminous transactions and queries demanded by agents, businesses, and customers. These prevent them from providing good customer service and keeping costs low.


Solution Benefits:      

This solution reduces transaction costs, increases operational efficiencies, and improves customer service.

With Trex, customer requests can be fulfilled quickly, free of the challenges created by traditional, manual processes. Real-time audit logging and performance metrics empower managers to monitor service teams, make ad hoc adjustments, and deliver superior service. Built on Alfresco One and Activiti, Trex requires minimal development time and implementation cost, yet provides a rich suite of features for all aspects of client onboarding, compliance, and account servicing.

The results are elimination of processing bottlenecks, and dramatically improved customer service.

Requires installation of Trex software on an application server (e.g., Tomcat). Also requires a document viewer (e.g., Snowbound) for viewing documents.
Licensing Model: 
Subscription-based pricing based on tiers of users.
Version History: 
The current generation of Trex has been available since 2007. Trex 5.4.2 will be released in early February 2017.
Support Option: 
Standard support hours are 8am-5pm M-F Eastern time. Extended support is available at an additional cost.
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