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Alfred Edge

Alfred Edge, single entry point to Alfresco, for an agile, simplified and decoupled architecture


Alfred Edge is an Alfresco API Gateway, a single-entry point, that verifies the user’s identity and simplifies your integrations with Alfresco and your ECM Architecture.



  • Centralized Authentication, with Single Sign On support for secure access control
  • Metadata based access control, allowing organizations to apply regulations and security policies, according to the user ‘s profile
  • Quality of Service, by assigning priorities and offering asynchronous and synchronous processing according to your company's policies.
  • Improved visibility of all APIs access to Alfresco


Business Challenges:  


Many Alfresco administrators struggle with upgrading Alfresco systems, because they are tightly coupled with different integrations and third-party systems, including scan facilities, email, document output systems and vertical business applications.

To tackle that problem, Alfred Edge decouples your content services architecture using a “facade pattern”. Alfred Edge offers a single point of API access, you can finally isolate upgrades from applications evolution.


Solution Benefits:       

  • Lower cost of changes: Alfred Edge integrates more than one Alfresco instance in a transparent way. You do not have to worry about cross Alfresco version compatibility anymore and you can isolate Alfresco upgrades from application evolution.
  • Quality of Services: Handling thousands of internet users, without overloading your Alfresco, by assigning priorities (asynchronous requests) and apply rate limiting (synchronous request).
  • Operations Clarity: Leveraging distributed tracing to give visibility into your requests performance. Sending telemetry data to your monitoring system (e.g. Graphite, Datadog,…) and helping you in keeping control of your performance



Xenit Solutions nv,

Diestsevest 32 Floor 4

3000 Leuven


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Europe, Canada, United States, Australia

About the Solution

Licensing Model:commercial/open core
Alfresco Content Services:5.2
Alfresco Process Services:5.2
Alfresco Digital Business Platform Services:5.2
System / Additional Requirements:
Language(s):Dutch, English, French
Version History:Alfred Edge 1.1
Support:Supported by Solution Provider

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