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Alfresco Geo-Caching by it-novum

Fast and secure access to digital assets from anywhere.

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Improve the speed of your global Alfresco Content Services deployments, using it-novum Geo-Caching: Fast and secure access to digital assets from anywhere.

The download and upload time of digital assets is always a big challenge when it comes to globally distributed Enter- prise Content Management deployments. We have built our Caching Solution to help you reduce your download and upload times by up to 90%. it-novum Geo-Caching is a low-maintenance solution for Alfresco Content Services, allowing businesses to provide remote sites with a fast access to the centralized IT infrastructure. The solution is transparent for users: There is no change in how users work and collaborate on content.

With Alfresco Geo-Caching by it-novum your users benefit from these  advantages

  • No need to download the same file to a branch office again and again - Documents are stored in a local cache, so that users can make use of the maximum transfer rate. Fully secured by SSL and with a strong AES-based encryption.
  • No more direct content uploads at slow speed - Documents can be uploaded to the local cache. The cache takes care of the synchronization with Alfresco Content Services. Spinning reel is a thing of the past.

And Alfresco Geo-Caching by it-novum also makes your IT team happy

  • Configure intelligent distribution mechanisms to predict usage - Documents can be distributed automatically, using a search-based logic. Digital assets can be selected for pre-fetching based on metadata, storage location or even more complex criteria. All relevant documents are regularly transferred to the relevant cache.
  • Unnecessary complexity in your IT infrastructure is avoided - it-novum Geo-Caching can be deployed to remote sites using container technologies (e.g. Kubernetes, Docker). In addition to that, Alfresco Content Services always performs a health check before redirecting to a local cache. Sta- tistics and KPI’s can be used to improve configurations over time.
  • Easy integration thanks to REST  API’s - it-novum Geo-Caching was built for today and designed for tomorrow. It provides a smart REST API which allows you to integrate your custom applications (e.g. built on Alfresco Development Framework).

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Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Solution Downloads

Global Access to Alfresco Content Services

About the Solution

Licensing Model:Subscription
Alfresco Content Services:5.2, 5.1, 5.0, 4.2
Alfresco Digital Business Platform Services:5.2, 5.1, 5.0, 4.2
System / Additional Requirements:
• Additional (v)server per branch office or AWS hosting by solution provider
• No desktop software required
Language(s):English, German
Version History:1.0/ 1.1/ 1.3.1/ 1.3.2/ 1.5.0
Support:Supported by Solution Provider

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