Data Transfer Platform for Alfresco

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Data Transfer Platform for Alfresco
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5.0, 4.1, 4.2

To avoid temporal bottle necks during the transmission of high data volumes it-novum complemented Alfresco’s core product with a Data Transfer Platform. This platform considers the user’s location and ensures high transfer rates through sophisticated mechanisms.

For that purpose often requested or special marked data sets are stored on a local node at the respective subsidiary.The Data Transfer Platform acts as link between Alfresco and the user’s desktop. Once installed, the platform enables a fast, secure and for the user uncomplicated data access via Alfresco’s user interface or CMIS.

The easy way of transferring data: integrative use & scalable functions

The platform operates as a proxy between the Alfresco server and the respective client. Thereby it is possible to install any number of proxy servers – depending on the amount of subsidiaries. Ideally a proxy server is installed at every subsidiary so that all company branches can reach the maximum data transfer rate.

The proxy server accepts download requests from the web browser and checks whether the data file already exists in the cache. If so, the server performs a new authorization query before the data file is encoded from the cache and made available to the user as a download. The platform’s installation and maintenance is very simple and uncomplicated to administer, it also integrates smoothly in the existing IT infrastructure.

Also available: Data Transfer Platform Advanced - high data volumes, without delay

The Data Transfer Platform Advanced is the appropriate solution, if high data volumes have to be saved centrally.

The Advanced Platform enables the upload of large data amounts from the subsidiaries to a central Alfresco installation – making use of the maximum transfer capacity rate available at the subsidiary, at configurable transmission times.

The upload is made directly to the locally installed proxy server which provides a consistent data back-up in Alfresco across all subsidiaries. Hence long waiting times belong to the past!

Java Application Server (Tomcat, JBoss or others)
Windows or Linux environmen
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Name: Brian Kurbjuhn


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