Document and Forms Workflow

Solution Name: 
Document and Forms Workflow
Works with Alfresco: 
3.1, 3.0

This solution receives documents via fax and e-mail, automatically imports them into the repository and executes the appropriate workflow based on the information pulled from either the content of the document and or the name of the document. Once brought into the system, utilizing the MSI Profiler the user can review the document to ensure it is completed correctly and they can update the appropriate metadata. If the document is faxed in, it can be automatically converted to a “fillable” PDF form based on the assigned document type. Once the document is converted to a “fillable” PDF form, the appropriate metadata for the document is automatically transformed to the “fillable” form. The process management dashboard enables a user to track what documents are in what queue in the workflow. The user can also click on the numbers in the dashboard to see the documents that make up that number. If they click on the document in the list, they will be presented with the MSI Profiler application in order to view and process that document.

  • Capture Incoming Faxes & E-Mail Capture for Processing
  • Document Profiling
  • Workflow
  • Lifecycle
  • Metadata and full text search
  • Dynamic Dashboard
Fax Server
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Version History: 
The solution utilizes version 4.0 of the MSI Profiler.
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Supported by Partner
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Mitch Gabor
+1 973 625 7721