Employee Onboarding for Alfresco

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Employee Onboarding for Alfresco
Works with Alfresco: 
4.1, 4.2

One of the most significant investments a company will make in the hiring process is getting new employees up and running at their job. All too often, we hear stories about companies struggling to streamline their onboarding system, which increases costs associated with new hires. Some common problems include:

  • Bottlenecks and red tape delay employees from working efficiently
  • Many internal and external parties are involved in the process and miscommunication often occurs
  • Employees start the onboarding process on the day they begin work, instead of days or weeks in advance
  • New employees must rely on others to train them; self-service training is either missing completely or is highly ineffective

By combining our expertise in solving complex content management problems and integrating world-class, third party software, Blue Fish’s Employee Onboarding Solution can significantly reduce the bottlenecks in your onboarding processes, allowing your employees to be more effective with less ramp time.

With Blue Fish’s Employee Onboarding Solution for Alfresco, you can…

  • Greatly reduce the need for paperwork
  • Obtain signatures for documents electronically, even before employees show up for their first day
  • Provide self-service, task-oriented training
  • Have better visibility into the onboarding process in order to allow your organization to continuously improve and fine tune the process
Alfresco Supported Stack
Requires installation into Alfresco and Share web applications
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Licensed through partner
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Supported by Solution Provider
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