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Formtek Auditing Extension

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For many organizations, capturing and reporting on the complete transactional history of a document or folder is a critical auditing function.

The Formtek Auditing Extension provides a complete audit log for every file and folder within Alfresco®. The Extension is integrated within the Alfresco Share interface and, when selected, displays the audit log for a file or folder, including the action performed, the date and time the action occurred, and the user that performed the action. Additionally, administrators can use the Audit History or Workflow History tool to search the repository for audit records or workflow records based on a variety of search criteria. In addition to document and folder audit information, the Audit History tool provides audit information on other repository content such as sites and different types of data lists.

  • Captures standard Alfresco transactions such as Create, Edit Metadata, Update Properties, Checkout, Download, Upload New Version, Move to, Copy to, Manage Permissions, Manage Aspects, Delete Document, and more
  • Captures transactions related to the Formtek EDM Module, if installed
  • Captures transactions related to the Formtek File Linking Extension and Formtek Peer Association Extension, if installed
  • Displays the following information when the Audit History action is performed on a selected file or folder:
  • Action performed
  • Date and time the action occurred
  • User that performed the action
  • Optional details of the action
  • Installs via a JAR file and includes an installer and an uninstaller


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About the Solution

Licensing Model:Chargeable. Both Subscription and Perpetual pricing available.
Alfresco Content Services:5.2, 5.1, 5.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.0, 3.4
System / Additional Requirements:
Server running Linux or Windows operating system
Version History:2.3
Support:Full support, including ongoing product maintenance and updates, provided by Formtek

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