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Alfred Desktop, Intuitive, Fast and Powerful Desktop application for Alfresco

Alfred Desktop is an easy-to-use User Interface boosting Alfresco for your End-users.

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Alfred Desktop supports the day-to-day handling of documents and does it very intuitive and super-fast. It guides the users on the input of metadata and supports corporate document templates for the creation of new documents. Work with a product that’s as easy as working with Windows Explorer. Alfred Desktop looks like MS Explorer and acts like Alfresco. No training required. 

Alfred Desktop helps the mind shift of the users from their C drive to the centralized document repository on Alfred Desktop/Alfresco. Reducing the time to search and handle documents with 50% makes it more attractive to work with Alfred Desktop.



  • Desktop personalization: Easily handle your documents with your desktop application, archive your emails and read any content you’re looking for – right on the spot.
  • Drag & drop:  Create, move, copy, and drag & drop anything (documents, emails, folders or attachments) from your desktop in and out of Alfred Desktop.
  • Modern Document Management: Edit documents online or take content offline while away from the office. Online and offline editing gives you the best of both worlds, eliminating the need to copy offline content and remember whether it is online or offline
  • Smart Metadata editing: Impose corporate standards while using automation and suggestion, a simple form to edit meta-data, and enabling copy-paste from documents preview to meta-data to help your end-uses enter a minimal set of mandatory meta-data
  • Swift Search Options: Let users rediscover short-cuts to make their lives easy. Find any document directly with the built-in search engine providing powerful search, facets, folder path aware and optimized for fast browsing (caches meta-data) saving time every day.
  • Manage your Workflow: Get complete workflow management capability right from your desktop application. Easily start a workflow, see an overview and edit and manage tasks.
  • Favorites: mark your favorite folders or documents saving time to navigate to your standard workspaces
  • Lock, edit and save in two clicks with synchronization between local disk and Alfresco server, view working copies
  • Archive your emails and send a document as attachment or a link to document or folder directly from Alfred Desktop
  • Virtual folders
  • Assembling a container from a selection of files and folder and downloading it to your desktop (take offline)
  • Fully Respects Alfresco access control. Admin function: view folder permissions and view user permissions
  • Enterprise Configuration capabilities: metadata panel, context command menus, searchable properties, metadata behavior at creation of documents, personal configurations.


Business Challenges:

  • Losing time handling documents
  • Having trouble with shared drive
  • Difficulty in finding documents
  • Lack of folder structure
  • Lack of communication, system diversity and connection, different handling of processes


Solution Benefits:

  • Empowers your end-users:Alfred Desktop’s natural simplicity and personalization wins users’ hearts and minds. While it acts like Alfresco, Alfred Desktop looks like Window Explorer to your users, so there is a near-zero learning curve. It makes it easy for users to take control of their content without waiting for the web. Plus they will be able to easily configure it to adapt to their changing needs and have meta-data completeness and consistency, all which makes it easy to share and collaborate with others.
  • Provides Rich ECM Functionality: Alfred Desktop makes Alfresco upgrades easier and, using the Alfred Links, it’s easily integrated with other applications. On top of all of that, you can download metadata, upload folders, Zip content, compare versions and extend support to support project specific use cases. What’s more, governance, retention, and compliance management are built right in. Full control gives you guaranteed data and metadata quality
  • Increases Productivity & Speeds up Business: Alfred Desktop’s Familiar, outlook-like desktop application, fast navigation, instant document preview, locally cached data, and drag & drop capabilities will boost your users’ productivity. Their productivity will soar even higher as its personal navigation structure, multiple view sets, instant document preview, and metadata extraction for reporting allows users to quickly find and organize content.




XeniT Solutions nv

Diestsevest 32 Floor 4

3000 Leuven


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Europe, Canada, United States, Australia

About the Solution

Licensing Model:Chargeable
Alfresco Content Services:5.1, 5.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.0
System / Additional Requirements:
Requires Additional Server Software Installation (AMP)
Requires Desktop Software Installation
Requirement Client side: Microsoft Windows Win 7, 8 and 10
Language(s):Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish
Version History:Version Number 3.6
Support:Supported by Partner

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