SAP Integration Suite

Solution Name: 
SAP Integration Suite
Alfresco Content Services: 
4.1, 4.0, 3.4

The SAP Integration Suite consists of two modules: ITN Connector and ITN Content Server. ITN Content Server stores SAP documents in Alfresco, ITN Connector reads or writes information to or from SAP or calls functions in SAP.

The SAP-Alfresco integration makes information more available inside the company due to the many interfaces Alfresco provides. The modules can save SAP created receipts in Alfresco and enrich them with the receipt’s metadata. Thus using the normal rule- or policy-based modifications from Alfresco, nearly everything can be done with these documents. Even employees without their own SAP account will now be able to search them, modify them and process them, e.g. capture invoices and debit them. Conversely, SAP functionality can be accessed from within Alfresco.

To add meta data to an incoming document, data can be read out from SAP database. This makes it easy to create customer folders and to access all documents involved in the respective business process.

To use SAP Integration Suite, additional SAP user accounts are not necessary. SAP or ABAP programming is not necessary. The configuration applies through a database.


  • Bidirectional interface between Alfresco and SAP
  • Converts SAP objects to Alfresco documents including searchable meta data
  • After scanning and validation, incoming paper documents are connected with SAP and converted to electronic and searchable documents
  • Creates dynamic file structures and meta data
  • SAP information can be easily searched in Alfresco
  • Allows for the saving of SAP receipts together with related documents
System / Additional Requirements: 
Application server accessible by SAP and Alfresco
JDBC-Database for configuration
Licensing Model: 
On request, depending on number of alfresco-licenses
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Supported by Solution Provider
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Brian Kurbjuhn
+49 661 103-636