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Organizations with mulitple content repositories struggle with searching, managing and migrating content between repositories.  Simflofy makes it easy to visually review your content and determine the best place for it to reside.

Track every piece of content that your users create with the Simflofy Virtual Repository. Monitor who is accessing your content, which repositories are accessed, what content is accessed, what users are searching for, and how your content is changing over time.

SIMPLIFIED INTEGRATION - Sharepoint, Alfresco, MongoDB, MySQL and other integrations make it easy to fit Simflofy into your architecture

GET IMMEDIATE VALUE - Save on infrastructure & maintenance while eliminating weeks or months of implementation time. Maximize content utilization through efficiency.

CLOUD SERVICES READY - Delivered as an integration service, Simflofy is designed with the cloud in mind, it works the same whether in a dedicated data center, the cloud or hybrid environments.

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Europe, United States

About the Solution

Licensing Model:Supported by partner
Alfresco Content Services:4.2
System / Additional Requirements:
Alfresco Enterprise
Version History:1.0
Support:Supported by Solution Provider

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