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Statement Digitization and e-Presentment for Utility Companies

Crawford Technologies offers a statement digitization and e-presentment solution designed for utility companies based on CCM Gateway for Alfresco.

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The solution captures the outbound, high-volume customer communications produced by utility company administrative and billing systems, indexes and converts documents into industry standard formats like PDF/A and stores them efficiently in the Alfresco Content Services platform. Individual documents are delivered to consumers through web portals and mobile applications as either PDF or HTML5.

CCM Gateway for for Alfresco helps utility companies comply with industry regulations using Alfresco Records Manager and CrawfordTech Document Security. CCM Gateway supports Accessible PDF and Accessible HTML to ensure equal access to customer communications for the blind and partially sighted.

Business Challenges:

Each day utility companies generate millions of customer communications such as statements, reminders, checks and other communications that are essential to managing customer relationships.  Many of these communications are still printed and posted, costing hundreds of billions of dollars each year. However, a growing demand for digital formats on mobile devices and via the web provides opportunities for both cost savings and improved customer service.

Existing systems for managing outbound statements are often based on legacy mainframe technology that are over 30 years old. These systems were designed for a small number of internal users and are expensive to scale for access by millions of consumers.

Added to this challenge, legacy archiving and e-presentment systems are complex, expensive to maintain and rely on legacy print formats, such as AFP or text, for archiving. However consumers today need access to correspondence via modern web friendly technologies like HTML5 and PDF.

Utility companies are regulated around the world. Not only do statements and correspondence need to be in compliance, but these documents often define the contract between the organization and the consumer. It’s essential that the solution for managing these documents be flexible and scalable to support evolving business and consumer requirements.

With an aging population it is now estimated that over 2% of the population requires access to correspondence in alternate formats such as large text or braille. Delivery of alternate formats is patchy at best, and increasing enforcement of regulations like the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) mean that systems for producing alternate formats must be improved if insurers are to avoid large fines.

Solution Benefits:      

By adopting Crawford Technologies Statement Digitization and e-Presentment Solutions for Alfresco, utility companies can:

  • Save on average 60 to 80 cents per transaction on the cost of print and posting by changing to digital correspondence and e-presentment
  • Reduce call center volumes and improve customer services by expanding access to correspondence via the web and mobile devices
  • Achieve compliance with industry regulations and with automated records management
  • Deliver consistent services for the partially sighted and ensure compliance with Section 508, AMA, AODA, the UK and EU Equality Acts
  • Replace complex, mainframe systems with modern, next generation digital archives to significantly reduce IT costs

Meet the Partner

Crawford Technologies

United Kingdom, Canada, United States

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Solution Brief
Use Case
CCM Gateway with AWS Solution Brief

About the Solution

Licensing Model:Perpetual, term and volume
Alfresco Content Services:5.2, 5.1, 5.0
System / Additional Requirements:
- Requires Additional Server Software Install for processing services and retrieval services
- Requires Desktop Software Install for configuration tools
- Full product certification matrix available on request
Version History:V3.5.3
Support:Supported by Solution Provider

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