TourGuide for Alfresco

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TourGuide for Alfresco
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4.1, 4.2, 4.0

There is a gap between training and performance, within which upwards of 80% of the information conveyed during training is lost. Training can’t deliver ROI unless employees remember their training and put it into practice. Adoption also suffers when users can’t remember how to use the system – without user adoption, new software implementations can’t deliver any ROI.

The difficulty in bridging this gap is compounded by the increasingly global and transient nature of our workforce, the sheer complexity of the business applications we use, and the increasing pace of change in business processes. Organizations have less and less time to onboard new staff and have to do so with smaller and smaller budgets. 

Providing these users with support can be difficult or costly. Support typically renders users non-productive while consulting the manual, Google, your support desk, or another colleague. Worse, some users will just do whatever it takes to be able to complete the task, leading to errors and rework.  

TourGuide – Performance Support for Alfresco

Imagine using software with a virtual guide by your side that interactively helps you navigate the system and get your job done. Tour guide will help you find the way and stay with you every step, until you complete your task. Working like a GPS, users will receive turn-by-turn navigation to help them accomplish the desired task, whether that is to upload a document, start a workflow, create a site, or even enter the correct metadata.  

Features include:
For users:

  • Ready to go – 33 pre-built tours to support end-users that were created in conjunction with Alfresco University and aligned to their end-user course curriculum
  • Hands-On – TourGuide uses an interactive step-by-step guide that allows hands on training.
  • At the Moment of Need – More than just “on demand”, TourGuide is there when users need help most – when they’re stuck while trying to get the job done.
  • Smart steps – TourGuide will follow your users as they naturally interact with the web application and bring them back on track if they click on the wrong thing.
  • Search – Find the tour that you need right away.

For authors:

  • Customizable – You have the ability to customize tours to perfectly fit your business processes.
  • Embed media – You can embed video clips, images, stream audio, and link to other reference material from within TourGuide.
  • Role-based – Tours can be made visible only to certain groups of users, so that they will not see tours that are not relevant to their role.
  • Cross-Domain – Tours can be built for any web application, not just Alfresco. Also, tours can be built to follow processes across different applications.
  • Quiz – Make sure that your users understand a concept or policy before allowing them to proceed. Responses are logged.
  • Feature Restrict – Stop users from accessing certain functionality until they have completed a tour first.
  • Associated Tours – Allow users to branch from one tour directly into a different tour.

For administrators

  • Versioning – Tours can be versioned to manage production processes and revert to previous tour versions.
  • Auditing & Reporting – We track and report on user progress so that you can see how useful each tour is. Find out how long it takes for people to complete your processes and discover where people are needing the most support.
  • Import/Export – Tours can be exported for backup or you can use these features to promote a tour from development into your production environment. 
  • Cloud or On Premise – There are two deployment options to satisfy your requirements.
  • Browser-based – TourGuide sits in a browser plugin and can be easily rolled out onto Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8-11. 
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Calvin Li:  1-844-452-9763