Virtual Data Room

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Virtual Data Room
Works with Alfresco: 
3.2, 3.1, 3.0

The Zaizi Virtual Data Room is currently being used by seven UK public sector organisations for partnership working and joint procurement worth over £500 million.

Virtual Data Room provides significant cost savings over physical Data Rooms. It provides secure, compliant and auditable collaboration and exchange of documents by controlling access, viewing, copying and printing. Data Rooms are commonly used by legal, accounting, government, banking and financial services organisations for managing mergers and acquisitions, fund raising, insolvency, corporate restructuring, joint ventures and tendering.

Zaizi was founded in November 2007 by Enterprise Content Magement specialists with a track record of delivering innovative solutions using open source and open standards based applications. Our team have experience building and delivering a wide range of enterprise solutions including document and web content management systems, portals and corporate extranets on Alfresco.

  • Multiple file upload from the browser.
  • Automatic removal of metadata from Documents.
  • Access to documents online only. No downloads of documents.
  • Transformation of documents to secure 128-bit encrypted Adobe PDF format.
  • Restriction of print, edit and copy functionality within Adobe PDF file based on user’s role.
  • Configurable watermarking of all documents.
  • Configurable time stamping of documents with access and download details.
  • Complete audit trail for all user actions within the portal.
  • Scanning of all content uploaded or created for viruses and malware.
Alfresco Supported Stack
Requires Additional Server Software Installation
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Supported by Partner
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Aingaran Pillai
+44 20 7193 2307