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Takodax Limited

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Partner Level:Technology
Industry:Construction, Education, Financial Services, Government & Public Administration, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media, Publishing, Non-profit, Retail, Services, Technology, Transportation, Utilities, Wholesale
Coverage Area:Europe

Takodax is an innovative and disruptive solution company offering multi-channel document generation solutions as well as compliance applications using ground breaking semantic analytics, AI and blockchain technologies.


Dialogue Genie is a software based document composition and generation application seamlessly integrates with various aspects of the Alfresco platform whereby it accesses, generates and stores Alfresco documents or produces process-driven documentation. Dialogue Genie can obtain data from various data sources, such as CRM, ERP, Finance or HR systems and deliver output in a multi-faceted manner, such as pdf, email, print, sms, barcodes, labels and many more.


Explore Genie is an innovative solution to locate information in a specific business context, such as GDPR data in seconds across an organisations system. The solution will track all information regardless of data source, language and location, thereby speeding up tasks, reducing risks and improving productivity. The results can be presented in a verity of ways, such as online, pdf or many other presentation methods.


Dialogue Genie and Explore Genie enhance and build upon the Alfresco platform in order to deliver unique, value-added and differentiated solutions to end users.

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