TenSpeed Technologies

TenSpeed Technologies is a leading open source system integrator that develops bolt-on solutions to existing enterprise applications. Our focus has primarily been on eForms technology, document imaging, and intranets using the Alfresco platform. FormFactor has worked with clients in North America and Europe, covering sectors such as education, oil and gas, finance, healthcare, and government.



BluestoneLogic, founded in 2010 by quantitative systems engineers and systems design specialists, is a small business located in downtown Washington, DC. Our mission is to exceed our clients’ systems analysis, engineering and design needs.

TeraDact Solutions

The TeraDactor is deeply integrated and seamlessly operates within Alfresco One creating a completely differentiating capability for Alfresco to auto-classify sensitive information in unstructured data.  TeraDact’s patented data-centric process tags and classifies selected information so it can be redacted, shared or tokenized, either manually or automatically. TeraDactor’s unique tokenization capability allows users to replace sensitive data with tokens.


Netlocity VA Incorporated is a full service Information Technology (IT) management consulting, enterprise architecture, planning and technology solution provider offering an integrated suite of IT-focused services to


EIM offers distinctive features of the ATOS group :

  • Over 15 years of assets , references, frameworks and methodologies , strong relationships with vendors and major projects
  • Support end to end ( Consultancy - Integration - Cloud) based on industrial assets , verticalized approach and a model optimized delivery
  • 250 consultants in France available to ensure the success of your projects


ClearCadence works with customers both big and small to help them automate their business processes. We define the business processes, improve them, identify how the process should be measured and determine the information that is most important to the user. Once the business processes are clear, we then design and develop a system that supports that process.


SeeUnity was founded in 2005 by industry veterans looking to solve real world problems within the enterprise content management industry. With its headquarters in Northern Colorado, SeeUnity has built a team of passionate professionals who strive to help businesses solve their enterprise content issues. SeeUnity proudly serves 300+ customers and 30+ partners across the globe with heavy influence in North America, Australia, and Europe.