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Vega ECM Solutions

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Partner Level:SI-Strategic
Industry:Financial Services, Government & Public Administration
Coverage Area:Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, South America

Vega delivers solutions which provide an Enterprise wide view to information in a single, configurable user interface.  Being a full service consultancy and software provider, our flagship products, Vega Unity and Vega Interchange, allow our customers to rapidly deploy solutions through configuration and provide a contextual view to information in a single user interface.  In addition to solutions, Vega specializes in helping companies migrate and transform information from one system to another, allowing them to better manage their infrastructure and systems.


Vega Unity and Interchange augment the Alfresco Content and Process Services by providing Case Management, Enterprise Search, Data and Security Normilization, and Rapid Deployment through Configurable UI and Integration.  Migrating to Alfresco from other repositories or BPM environments can be automated and even transparent to end users using advanced Vega technology.

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Alfresco in Partnership with Vega ECM Solutions