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Vicent Co., Ltd.

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Partner Level:SI-Premier
Coverage Area:Japan

Vicent Co., Ltd. offers the IT technology, which can carry out "anyone use easily". The objectives of Vicent are to propose the suitable IT technology with an idea for any company and person and to contribute to the society or the corporate activity. Vicent works for the system integration services and the internet synthesis and media services, mainly. By providing the open source software implementation services, Vicent can activate the improvement in customer satisfaction. It is with high reliability, high performance, and cost reduction and also provides the customer the best system with strong and easy to reuse, by using the object oriented. In particular, Vicent has enough experiences to develop with Java, speedy. By utilizing an agile process positively, Vicent provides the improvement for the lead time, the cost, the productivity and the quality. Vicent will provide the suitable services for everyone of any kind of the industry.

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