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Activiti Community Edition is the open source alternative for Business Process Management. Distributed under the LGPLv3 license, it is free to download and use forever, but is not supported. Activiti Community Edition is recommended for developers and technical enthusiasts in non business-critical environments.


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Open Source Business Process Management

Open Source Business Process Management

Activiti Community Edition allows organizations to design and deploy a wide range of business processes, such as:

  • Client or employee on-boarding
  • Service fulfillment
  • Contract automation
  • IT support
  • Case investigation
Alfresco and Community Maintained

Alfresco and Community Maintained

Activiti Community Edition is developed and maintained by Alfresco with the help of an active developer community.

  • Limited QA on a single open source stack is performed by Alfresco engineering team
  • Nightly builds offering the latest functionality and stable, periodic named releases are distributed by Alfresco engineering team
  • Bug reports, fixes, features and functionality are provided by Activiti developer community

Older versions of Activiti Community Edition are not regularly patched. Organizations must upgrade to the latest version to get fixes and new features.

Support Options

Support Options

Activiti Community Edition is not supported by Alfresco or our certified partners. However, an active community of open source developers collaborate and help each other via forums, mailing lists and online chats.

Join us and participate in the Activiti community.

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Need an Enterprise-Grade Solution?

Many organizations upgrade to Alfresco Activiti after a successful deployment of Activiti Community Edition. There are many additional benefits provided by Alfresco Activiti; here are just a few:

  • Support from Alfresco and certified partners
  • End user tools to define and deploy processes
  • Process analytics to audit and optimize processes
  • Simple administration to inspect and manage processes
  • Content integration to manage associated files
  • Testing or certification against multiple operating systems, databases and application servers
Need an Enterprise-Grade Solution?