Alfresco in the Cloud

Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management

Today's organizations are turning to the cloud to increase collaboration, support mobile device use and drive new "bring your own device" (BYOD) policies. Alfresco offers enterprise content management that delivers security and control while harnessing the power of a cloud-based environment.

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Content Management

Enterprise Document Control

Alfresco in the cloud is a fully managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise content management solution, allowing users to securely access their corporate documents and files on any device, from any location.

  • Complete preview and version control with the ability to roll back to a previous version
  • Start tasks and workflows to manage the document review and approval process
  • Document-level permissions provide control and user-level security

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Extranet Collaboration

Support outside the Organization

Alfresco in the cloud provides a secure extranet to enable collaboration with a range of business partners, keeping projects on track while protecting the organization's assets.

  • Securely share documents and files with people outside your organization
  • Start collaborating with a simple email invite for your partners, customers, prospects, external consultants and agencies
  • Content always remains fully under IT control

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Mobile Support

Access Content while out of the Office

Content locked behind the firewall is not always easy to access while working outside the office. VPN issues and complexity can frustrate end users who need to access their documents and files. Alfresco in the cloud can be used as a simple but secure solution to allow mobile access.

  • Secure mobile access without the burden of VPNs
  • Upload changes and new versions using standard mobile apps
  • Free tablet and smartphone apps for iOS and Android


Delivering Hybrid ECM

Firewall-locked, on-premise solutions drive the use of unsanctioned file sync and share tools leading to content chaos. Alfresco in the cloud provides a way to sync content from on-premise to the cloud in a controlled way.

  • Use of on-premise solution for long-term storage and compliance
  • Cloud used for external collaboration and file sharing
  • Content always kept in sync regardless of where and how often content is changed

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Cloud Application Integration

Capture Cloud-Based Documents

Alfresco in the cloud provides a secure content repository that can be connected to other cloud services, such as Salesforce, Google Docs and Office 365.

  • Capture and store all cloud-based content in one location through standard connectors
  • Open APIs for connecting to any cloud-based application
  • Synchronize content back on-premise for long-term storage and compliance

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Enterprise-Level Security

Data Privacy and Compliance

Certified for Safe Harbor, Alfresco in the cloud uses Amazon's Web Services for data storage to ensure compliance with the EU personal data protection directives. External users can access only what is shared with them, providing IT with security and full control.

  • Independent validation to the SOC2 and ISEA 3000 Type II standards
  • SSL encryption (256-bit) prevents interception of data while in transit
  • Content encrypted at rest to protect from unauthorized access on the server

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Managed Service

SaaS-Delivered ECM

Alfresco in the cloud is a fully managed SaaS offering that helps organizations keep control of content while providing users with powerful ways to access content securely on any device, anywhere.

  • Provision in hours rather than months
  • No need to host and support expensive servers and applications on-premise
  • Frees up IT staff to focus on more valuable activities

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