Getting Started with Alfresco in the cloud

Welcome to Alfresco in the cloud – Getting Started page. This page contains some notes to help get you started and has links to videos that will walk you through the basics.

Uploading Files

The first thing you will want to do is upload some content so that you can start collaborating with colleagues. Select the document library and simply drag content from you desktop.

Video LinkUploading Files

Content Sites – Home Site

Each user has a home site (other sites can be created later). This video views a range of sample files to show the type of content that can be managed and viewed inside Alfresco in the cloud.

Video LinkViewing Files

Creating Sites

Sites are used to manage a selection of related documents. For example, all of the files associated with a project. You can invite people to join your site to work with you on the files. Use the ‘Create Site’ link from the ‘Sites’ pull down.

Video LinkCreating a New Site

Inviting Users

The power of Alfresco allows you to easily work and collaborate with other people. Simple invite them to join your project site.

Video LinkInviting Users

Folder Rules

Transforming files from one type to another (i.e. Microsoft Word to Adobe PDF) has never been easier, follow this guide to automate the process.

Video LinkFolder Rules


Each user will have a home network based on their email domain (e.g. In the screen shot below you can see that the user is a member of 3 separate networks.

Networks are used to secure companies files, making them only available to others within that network. You can invite others to work with you in a site. You can switch between networks to work with people that invite you into their networks.

Video LinkUsing Networks

‘My Dashboard’ and ‘Site Dashboards’

Each user has their own dashboard. You can navigate to your dashboard at any time by clicking on the ‘My Dashboard’ link.

The dashboard can be configured (items added, removed and reordered) to work the way you want. To change the dashboard select the ‘Customize Dashboard’ link.

Site Dashboards are similar. If you are the manager of a site you can customise the site dashboard by clicking on the Customize Dashboard link for that site.

Video LinkCustomise the Dashboard

Alfresco Mobile

Use your iPad to access you files while on the move. View files, download, update and ‘Save Back’ into the cloud.

Video LinkSetting up the Alfresco Mobile App


A premium network allows companies to access administration features. You can manage users, rebrand the application and even restore mistakenly deleted files and sites.

Video LinkNetwork Administration