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Alfresco Community Edition is the open source alternative for Enterprise Content Management. Distributed under the LGPLv3 license, it is free to download and use forever but is not supported, making it best suited for developers and technical enthusiasts in non business-critical environments.

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What Can It Do?

Alfresco Community Edition allows organizations to manage any type of content, from simple office documents to scanned images, photographs, engineering drawings and large video files. Common usage includes:

  • Document management systems
  • Content platforms
  • CMIS-compliant repositories

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What's the Difference between Community and Enterprise Editions?

What Are the System Requirements?

Alfresco Community Edition is deployed as a Java web application. It will run on a variety of operating systems, application servers and databases. But the most common stack is:

  • 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Ubuntu and SUSE are also commonly used)
  • JDK 7
  • Apache Tomcat
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL

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How Is It Maintained?

Alfresco Community Edition is developed and maintained by Alfresco Software with the help of an active community.

  • The Alfresco community provides bug reports, fixes, features and functionality
  • The Alfresco engineering team performs limited QA on a single open source stack
  • The Alfresco engineering team releases nightly builds, offering the latest functionality, as well as more stable, periodic named releases
  • Older versions of Alfresco Community are not regularly patched. It is expected that people will upgrade to the latest version to get fixes and new features

Is it supported?

Alfresco and its certified partners do not offer support for Alfresco Community Edition, but there is an active community of open source developers who collaborate with each other via forums, mailing lists, and online chats.

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What’s Not Included?

  • Support from Alfresco or certified partners
  • Bug fixes and patches
  • Clustering/high-availability certification
  • Cloud sync, hybrid workflow
  • Support for proprietary databases and integrations with proprietary software
  • Restart-free configuration and administration
  • Other non-core features; click here for the detailed list