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Integration with Crafter Software

Integration with Crafter Software

Enterprises today are striving to achieve higher levels of customer engagement across all online channels – the Web, mobile, social media and more. Leading enterprises are seeking new solutions to deliver a new breed of Web CMS - Web Content and Experience Management solutions that addresses the rapidly changing needs in this new era of engagement.

Our Solution

Your website is the primary way your organization communicates to the marketplace. Your team needs tools to help work together to create and maintain your corporate websites. Many organizations today continue to suffer from ineffective and inefficient processes for website authoring. Crafter makes it easy for non-technical authors to control content authoring and updates. Some features include:

  • Multi-channel Reach: From mobile to social, you need to reach your customers on the channels they use and deliver a consistent, engaging experience across all channels. Each channel has its own unique benefits and limitations. Crafter allows your authors to create content that is reusable and delivered across all channels with tools to help them create and review the user experience on each channel prior to publishing.
  • Engage Target Audiences: Build experience that speaks directly to your audience with targeted content. Crafter provides the tools necessary to easily personalize content for specific market segments. Maintain personsas built to speak to market segments and quickly switch between them for testing and review.
  • Make It Count: Drive results through understanding. Crafter provides out-of-the-box integration with Google Analytics, making it easy to monitor the effectiveness of site content and the engagement level throughout each website.

Benefits of Crafter Web CMS include:

  • Easy to use content authoring
  • In-context preview and editing
  • Multi-channel authoring and publishing
  • Personalization and content targeting
  • On demand and scheduled publishing
  • Web analytics integration
  • Multi-site and internationalization
  • Site blueprints
  • Ease of Integration – CRM, ERP and more

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